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Who is the player of partridge whistle in Xiangxi? What is the end of partridge whistle

Many people praise the performance of the partridge whistle in the angry light of the ghost in Xiangxi. Who is the performer? The partridge whistle is played by Gao Weiguang. It is reported that Wu Zun was the official candidate for the partridge whistle at the beginning of the play. Later, Gao Weiguang was replaced by Gao Weiguang for various reasons. After the play was broadcasted, Gao Weiguang's performance really got a lot of praise.

Zhegu Mountain is the leader of the mountain moving in the rage of the ghost blowing the lamp in the west of Hunan. He ran into Chen Yulou in Pingshan mountain and stole the tomb together. As a descendant of the last mountain moving school, partridge whistle is good at using the skill of moving mountains and dividing armour. It has good eloquence and shooting skills. It fights with one of the top four in the green forest. Its fighting power is appalling. In the young age, when the dust and the fighting power of iron grinding head are unknown, partridge whistle can be called the person who carries the tripod in the Jianghu among the eight ghost lights. This man is the most famous tomb robber in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Because of his good eloquence, he is the best in the world. Therefore, he is nicknamed partridge whistle. Over time, everyone forgot what his name was. He was only called a partridge whistle. He is good at making lightness skills. He is good at cracking all kinds of mechanisms in ancient tombs. His shooting skills are like gods. He is not only in fighting, but also in the green forest.

Gao Weiguang's performance in other plays has been spit out by many netizens, but this time he has make complaints about the partridge whistle. Although it's not about the story of the three men's group, it's a complete supplement of the author to the tomb robbing clique. The reason and ability of the mountain moving Taoist show incisively and vividly, and really restore the original appearance of the leader of the tomb robbing in Jieling. Although Chen blind has no strong personal ability of the partridge sentry, his vision and observation are not bad at all, and he has a good idea of collective combat Research and see. Many people like the two because of this chapter, and the partridge whistle also gained a higher popularity than Hu Bayi by virtue of this volume of supernatural performance.

The rage of the ghost blowing the lamp

Partridge whistle was seriously injured in the trip to the bottle mountain, and the death of red girl, so he moved to the United States and finally died.

The partridge whistle should not be very sad, but because the mountain movers are cursed by the short-lived, so the last partridge whistle can not live 60 years old. Taoists moving mountains are the descendants of the ancient tribes in the western regions. They are generally not over 60 years old due to some kind of curse. It specifically refers to those who are good at the art of birth and control, whose whereabouts are hard to find. They seldom communicate with outsiders for many years, but what they do is to seek for dust beads instead of property. Most of them learn the skill of moving mountains and dividing armour. They usually disguise themselves as Taoists to move mountains. Partridge outpost is the last generation and the real inheritor of the mountain moving sect. It is also the grandfather of the heroine Sherry Yang. After settling down in the United States, she died after she was born, and she lived nearly 60 years.

Partridge outpost is the descendant of the zagrama tribe, with the blood of Guidong. His people are cursed by the queen of Jingjue. All the people in the tribe will turn yellow after they are 45 years old, and finally die of blood coagulation. The farther away the cursed person is from the ghost hole, the slower the blood coagulates, but it will coagulate sooner or later, unless you find the dust bead (Phoenix gall) to release the curse. Because the whole tribe has been cursed, there are not many people in this tribe who have propagated to the generation of partridge outpost. The partridge whistle spent most of his life looking for the dust beads in order to relieve the curse of the people. It's a pity that the partridge whistle didn't find the dust bead in his whole life, and finally died overseas. Many years later, his granddaughter, Shirley Yang, returned to China to continue her search for the Pearl. Later, in the ghost blows the lamp, Shi chenzhu is finally found by Shirley Yang.