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What kind of sleeping position should be used for chest expansion? How to correct chest expansion

Many girls have the phenomenon of chest expansion. If it is not good-looking, what causes it? In fact, most of them are caused by sleeping posture and diet. If you want to adjust the chest expansion, you should pay attention to sleeping posture and reasonable diet.

What sleeping position is chest expansion suitable for

Generally, it is suitable for lying on the side, but the suggestion is to lie on the right side as much as possible, not to press the heart. Many people will have different states of breasts on both sides, which is actually caused by daily habits. The width is two shoulders wide, and the height of being pressed down is about the same as that of a fist. Don't sleep on your back. It's better to lie on your side (to the right, because to the left will oppress your heart).

In addition to sleeping posture, you can choose to correct your standing posture and sitting posture at any time in your daily life. It's also a good way to choose sports to practice your posture constantly. Take the time to do some chest expansion. It doesn't take long to do it every time. Just take 20 minutes every day. This can help prevent chest expansion and sagging. Before going to bed at night, you can also massage the breast, clockwise circle massage, until the skin is slightly hot.

How to correct chest expansion

Pay attention to meat, fish, milk and eggs. The chest is piled up by fat. It's a good way to grow the chest with good protein supplement. The secretion of estrogen is also an important substance. Therefore, female friends can eat more eggs, milk, beans, peanuts, sesame and other foods to supplement estrogen.

Do not wear very tight clothes on daily maintenance, otherwise there will be breast diseases, and it is also necessary to constantly massage your breast, and the blood vessels of the breast will become tighter when dredged. Do not wear tight brassiere, often massage the smaller breast to expand the chest movement. Take papaya pig's hoof soup and other breast foods, and use breast essential oil when necessary.