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How to eat avocado? How to make babies like to eat avocado

Avocado is a highly nutritious fruit produced in the southern tropical region. It is rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals, which is good for the physical development of infants. Many young mothers want to give some avocado to their children at home, but the taste of avocado is not attractive. Many infants don't like it. How can we make avocado not difficult to eat and how can we make it baby Do you like avocado?

How to eat baby avocado

1. Add sugar

The appearance of avocado is dark green, the flesh is tender yellow, and the natural mature avocado, the flesh is particularly tender and soft. When you eat avocado for your baby at home, you can cut it open, take out the most tender flesh, put it in a cup, press it into a mud shape with a spoon, add a proper amount of white granulated sugar, mix it well, and then you can give it to the baby. The taste is better than natural avocado It's a lot better.

2. With milk powder

Baby avocado is best to eat with appropriate amount of milk powder. When parents brew milk powder for infants, they can take about 20 grams of avocado flesh, put it in a clean small bowl, press it into a mud shape directly, mix it with the prepared milk powder, and then let the baby eat it, which can make the taste of avocado fade a lot, and the baby will feel particularly delicious.

How to eat avocado

1. With other fruits

Avocado is not difficult to eat with other fruits. The best way to eat it is to take out the avocado pulp and put it together with bananas and yoghurt, or blueberries and yoghurt and other ingredients to make a fruit shake. This will make the avocado taste more attractive, and will make her unique smell and fade a lot, and taste particularly attractive.

2. Cooking porridge

It's not difficult to cook porridge with avocado at ordinary times. When cooking porridge with avocado, you need to prepare fresh rice, prawns, avocado and some seasonings. Wash the prepared rice, add water to the pot and cook it. Remove the shrimp skin and shrimp line, wash and cut into small pieces, and cook together. In this process, take out and dice the avocado pulp. Add the avocado pulp in the porridge ten minutes before it leaves the pot, and then add some seasoning to taste it. Cook it together for ten minutes and leave the pot directly.