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What are the warmest cities for the aged in winter in China? The best place to stay away from cold a

What are the warmest cities for the elderly in winter in China? There are three warmest places in winter in mainland China: Hainan Island, southern Yunnan, and Taiwan Island. Relatively warm places: the coastal areas of Guangdong, Guangdong and Fujian, and the dry and hot river valley in Southwest Sichuan.

Sanya is the most typical city in Hainan Island.

Reason for listing: Sanya in Hainan is the warmest city in winter in mainland China. Sanya has a maximum temperature of 25 ℃ ~ 28 ℃ in winter and a minimum temperature of 18 ℃ ~ 20 ℃. The average temperature in January is 22.6 ℃. This temperature is quite comfortable. It can be said that no other place in China can match Sanya in winter.

Sanya is located at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, the southernmost tropical coastal tourist city in China, the city with the best air quality and the longest life area in China (average life span of 80 years). Sanya, also known as Lucheng, also known as "Oriental Hawaii", ranks first among the four top tier tourist cities in China, namely "Sanwei Hangzhou mansion", with the most beautiful seaside scenery in the whole island.

Sanya City is adjacent to Lingshui County in the East, Ledong County in the west, Baoting County in the north and Nanhai in the south. The total land area is 1919.58 square kilometers, and the total sea area is 6000 square kilometers, of which the planned urban area is about 37 square kilometers. It is 91.6km long from the east to the west, 51km wide from the south to the north, and has a permanent population of 741900. It is home to more than 20 ethnic groups, including Han, Li, Miao and Hui. Sanya is the central city and communication hub in the south of Hainan Province. It is also one of the most important ports for foreign trade on the southernmost Gold Coast of China's southeast coast. At present, the average house price in Sanya is 18000 yuan per square meter. The house price is very high. Although the climate is good, the house price is high. It's hot in summer. No one can bear the high temperature for six months.

Jinghong: the most typical city in southern Yunnan

Jinghong, the capital of the Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, is the only tropical rain forest city in China. It has a long summer without winter and distinct dry and wet seasons. It has both the advantages of continental climate and marine climate without its disadvantages. It has a large daily temperature difference, a small annual temperature difference, a little calm wind, and basically no frost. The annual average temperature is between 18.6 & deg; - 21.9 & deg;, and the average temperature in January is 18 degrees, which is the standard tropical climate. The annual average precipitation is 1200-1700 mm, and the annual average sunshine is 1800-2300 hours. There are only dry and wet seasons in a year, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The dry season is from November to April of the next year, and the wet season is from May to October. The average price of house is only 4000 yuan per square meter, and most of the urban areas are not more than 6000 yuan per square meter. The climate is pleasant, and the price is cheap, which is absolutely the holy land for retirement and vacation.

The most typical town in Taiwan: Hengchun town

Hengchun Town, the southernmost town in Taiwan Island, is warmer than Kaohsiung. It belongs to Pingdong County, Taiwan Province, with its back to the southern end of the central mountain range, its east to the Pacific Ocean, its west to the Taiwan Strait, and its south to the bus Strait. It is the southern portal of Taiwan Island and the most famous scenic spot in Taiwan. Because of the warm climate, there used to be Phalaenopsis here. The ancient name of Hengchun, Lang Qiao, is the transliteration of Paiwan language orchid. The annual average temperature of the whole town is 25 ℃, the average temperature of the hottest July is only 28 ℃, 1 ℃ lower than that of Taipei City, 21 ℃ higher than that of Taipei City in January, 5 ℃ higher than that of Kaohsiung, 2.5 ℃ higher than that of Kaohsiung, and there is no winter in summer. The annual precipitation is 1960 mm, and the rainy season is mainly from May to October. The house price is not high, but the mainland people can't buy it. It's a good tour.

Zhangzhou, Guangdong, Guangdong and Fujian

Zhangzhou is located in the core area of the 'Golden Triangle of Southern Fujian'. Zhangzhou is the famous' land of fish, rice, flowers and fruits'. Zhangzhou plain is the largest plain in Fujian Province, known as' coastal Zou Lu '. It is one of the four plains in Fujian Province and the largest plain in Fujian Province, with an area of 566 square kilometers. The annual average temperature in Zhangzhou is 21 ℃, and the average temperature in January is 14 ℃, which is slightly higher than that in Xiamen. In winter, it is not as humid or windy as Xiamen. The most important thing is that the house price is much lower than that of Xiamen, with an average house price of 7000 yuan per square meter. The life pressure is smaller than that of Xiamen, which is absolutely the garden for the aged.

Panzhihua: a hot and dry valley in Southwest Sichuan

Panzhihua City, a city under the jurisdiction of Sichuan Province, is the only prefecture level city in China named after the flower, which is located at the junction of Sichuan and Yunnan in Southwest China.

Panzhihua City is a three-dimensional climate Island based on the south subtropical zone, which has four distinct seasons, dry and rainy seasons; sufficient sunshine, strong solar radiation, large evaporation, significant vertical climate differences.

Panzhihua City is located in a warm valley area with an average annual temperature of 19 ℃ - 21 ℃, no winter in the whole year, and an average temperature of 14.5 ℃ in January, killing most cities in South China. June is the month with the highest monthly average temperature in the whole year, around 26 ℃. There is little cloud and plenty of sunshine. The sunshine hours of the whole year are 2300-2700 hours. The annual total rainfall is 820-1100mm, divided into dry and rainy seasons. The rainfall is highly concentrated in the rainy season (June October), accounting for more than 85% of the annual rainfall. Panzhihua is the only city in Sichuan with a net inflow of population, mainly due to the warm climate. The average price of house in Panzhihua City is only 4000 yuan per square meter. The climate is better than that in Chengdu. Panzhihua is the first choice for winter shelter. The warm sunshine makes people warm. In winter, the average temperature is more than 20 degrees in the daytime. Except for Hainan Island, which is higher in the daytime, it is not. However, Hainan is wet in the winter, and there is no sunshine in Panzhihua, and there is no dry climate in Panzhihua. Generally speaking, I think Panzhihua's various conditions are better than those of the above four cities. It's a great place to stay away from the cold and travel for the aged.