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Who is Liu Mingyue, the little girl who doesn't give up? Why does Liu Mingyue pursue flowers

Now the most popular costume TV series, apart from knowing whether or not it should be xiaonvhua, is the most attractive one. Besides the role played by Lin Yichen, there are also many supporting actors with distinctive personalities, which attract everyone's attention. Liu Mingyue attracted a lot of attention as soon as he appeared. What's Liu Mingyue's real identity? Why do you always pursue and kill her What about flowers?

Who is Liu Mingyue

Liu Mingyue is the real gold of Xue's family in little girl flower never give up. Xue Fei is just a child of Xue's family, but Xue Fei takes Liu Mingyue's place, which makes her not recognized all the time.

Xue Fei is the daughter of Zhu Ba, the richest man in the south of the Yangtze River. In order not to let her marry the creditor, Zhu Ba adopted Xue Fei to Xue Fu. I didn't expect that the creditors had seen through Zhu's tricks for a long time, and they were very tough about marrying Xue Fei.

Xue Fei escapes from Xue Fu to Wangjing and lives in his elder brother's good friend Mo Baixing's house. Unexpectedly, Mo Baixing is a hypocrite. After drinking, she sexually assaults Xue Fei and makes her pregnant. Madame Mo was a jealous woman. Knowing that she could not save her husband's heart, she put all her anger on Xue Fei, and moved her anger to Xue's house and destroyed Xue's house.

Mo's family has a deep foundation. It's not easy for Liu Mingyue to revenge. She can only help herself to achieve her wish with the help of Xiao Jiufeng, the leader of ghost valley. With the support of Xiao Jiufeng, Mingyue villa rose rapidly. Liu Mingyue was able to deal with Mo family.

Liu Mingyue not only hates Mo's family killing her, but also hates flowers because she is Xue Fei's daughter. Although Liu Mingyue is tough enough, she can understand her actions from her point of view and position.

Why does Liu Mingyue kill flowers

Liu Mingyue hates Xuefei, her mother, because Xuefei robbed her of her position in Xue's family. After Xuefei's death, Liu Mingyue transferred her hatred to Huabu, so she wanted to kill Huabu.

In "little girl flowers don't give up", Liu Mingyue kills flowers because she hates Xue Fei. Although Xue Fei appears to be Miss Xue, she is actually the adopted daughter of Xue family. Her real identity is the daughter of Zhu family, the richest man in the south of the Yangtze River. Liu Mingyue is the real daughter of Xue family. Because of her low birth status, she has not been recognized.

Xue Fei takes Liu Mingyue's position as Miss Xue's residence. Since then, Liu Mingyue has been jealous of her. Later, Xue Fei escapes to Mo's residence, but gets pregnant before marriage. Then, Mo's residence is destroyed. Liu Mingyue believes that Xue's family is destroyed by Xue Fei, and her hatred for her is deepened gradually.

When Xue Fu was burned, Liu Mingyue was saved by Xiao Jiufeng. From then on, Liu Mingyue became the master of Mingyue villa. Liu Mingyue thought of Xiao Jiufeng's salvation and was loyal to him all the time. However, Liu Mingyue disobeyed Xiao Jiufeng's order in finding flowers.

Xiao Jiufeng didn't want to hurt Hua but he wanted to raise her. But Liu Mingyue didn't want to. She asked Liu Qingwu to take someone to look for Hua. Once she found the kill to kill, Liu Mingyue's hatred for Xue Fei continued to Hua. So Hua was in danger of life. But every time, she could turn the corner and turn the corner.