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How much is the food hygiene license? List of food hygiene license procedures

If you want to engage in catering services or food sales, you need to obtain a food business license. How much does it cost to obtain a food hygiene license? How to handle the food hygiene license? Food hygiene license process at a glance.

The agency price is generally 3000-5000 yuan

Food production license does not need annual inspection. However, the enterprise that has obtained the food production license shall, from the second year after obtaining the license, submit the self inspection report of the previous year to the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and administration branch of the jurisdiction where the production is located every year within the validity period of the certificate. In addition, 2200 yuan will be charged for each application of a license product unit by each enterprise, and 440 yuan will be charged for each additional license product unit by the same enterprise.

The public place hygiene license has a long process, a lot of materials submitted, and a complex examination and approval method. In general, the application of an enterprise is handled by a professional agency. At present, the agency price of applying for the public place health license is generally 3000-5000 yuan, and the processing time is generally about 30 working days.

Extended information:

1、 Order of application:

Apply for drawings (prepare required materials at the same time) review drawings and relevant materials after site acceptance

10 working days for health permit

2、 Application materials for applying for health license:

1. A copy of the floor plan of the production and operation site, indicating the scale (scale: 1:100), indoor functional rooms, basic elements (size, name, facility name and number), which can be drawn by hand or by computer;

2. Certificate of use of production and operation site (house property right certificate and lease agreement);

3. One copy of qualification certificate of legal representative or person in charge (resolution of the board of directors, articles of association or appointment document);

4. A sketch map of the location of the production and business place: the direction, street name, and the relationship between the location of the production and business place and the surrounding buildings and neighboring units shall be indicated;

5. Training certificate of legal person or person in charge;

6. Product formula, production process flow chart and description, product packaging materials, labels, sample manuals;

7. Health inspection report of products or trial production samples (annual inspection report obtained by the health administrative department at or above the county level) and product implementation standards (including enterprise standards);

8. Information on the organization and system of enterprise health management;

9. Laboratory setting (including laboratory scale, instruments and equipment, qualification certificate of laboratory personnel) and testable items (each batch, daily retention and testing indicators, testing items);

10. A copy of the application for health permit: the name of the applicant shall indicate the full name or legal abbreviation, be affixed with the official seal (consistent with the name of the business license applicant, and the individual shall not seal), the address, use area and health facilities of the applicant shall be filled in details according to the actual situation, the scope and type of production and business shall be filled in for the application items, and the blank shall be filled in with "None";

11. One application for health examination of construction project: fill in "new construction, reconstruction, expansion or renewal" in the column of "project category", and fill in "None" in the blank;

12. For the entrusted processing of food, the contract for entrusted processing and the hygiene license of the entrusted processing enterprise shall also be submitted, and the hygiene license project of the entrusted enterprise shall contain new products with the same process as the entrusted processing products;

13. Enterprises that produce and process students' nutritious meals also need to provide the following information:

(1) Establish the basis and standard of students' nutrition meal;

(2) Reasonable nutrition matching data of student's nutrition meal: the design and calculation data of nutrients, calories, protein, fat, calcium, iron, zinc, retinol equivalent, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C of student's nutrition meal; the recipe is prepared according to the ingredient data of nutrition composition calculation and the food ingredient;

(3) Reasonable cooking and measures to prevent nutrient loss;

(4) Management measures and food sample retention system to ensure the health and safety of students' nutritious meals;

(5) The meal delivery enterprise that produces and manages the student nutrition meal shall provide the enterprise standard, and the food package shall indicate the name of the factory, the address of the factory, the minimum content of the main nutrients, the time of packing and the time limit of the food;

(6) Nutrition staff information (nutritionist qualification certificate);

14. A copy of the notice of enterprise name pre approval or the business license for Industry and Commerce (or copy) obtained by the applicant from the Administration for Industry and commerce;

15. Other information deemed necessary by the administrative department of health.