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Can't you go to the wedding if you're pregnant? What are the taboos for pregnant women to attend wed

There are many customs in China, some of which have certain scientific reasons, but some of them are particularly superstitious. There is a folk saying that pregnant women should not go to other people's weddings. Why is this? Why can't pregnant women go to other people's weddings? Isn't it good to bring their own baby to join the party?

In fact, there are still many customs in China in terms of childbearing. For example, after a woman is pregnant, she can't eat dog meat, donkey meat and rabbit meat. Why is this? It is said that after eating dog meat, children will like to bite their mother's tits; if they eat donkey meat, the children born will be as stubborn as the donkey; after eating rabbit meat, the children's lips will easily form three mouths.

Some customs believe that pregnant women can't have children in their mother's home. In case of an emergency, they can only have children in a small house outside the house or in a far house. Moreover, children can't be born directly on the bed, because it will collide with the bed God. So what should we do? We can only lay some grass in front of the bed so that the child can be born on the grass.

In fact, in the custom, pregnant women are not allowed to go to other people's weddings. They are afraid that if pregnant women see a double person, their life will not be smooth. Some people also think that if pregnant women go to other people's weddings, the happiness of the new couple will collide with the pregnancy of the pregnant women, affecting the new couple and pregnant women. In fact, there is no scientific reason for all of these, at least at present, there is no science to prove this.

In reality, pregnant women are not suitable for weddings. First of all, the physical function of pregnant women will decline after pregnancy, the body's response ability will decline than usual, and the wedding site must be overcrowded. Pregnant women are prone to various risks in such an environment.

For example, if a child runs around and bumps into her, what should she do? Secondly, pregnant women will bring a lot of taboos in diet after pregnancy. We all know that the dishes on the wedding should be more heavy taste, such dishes are naturally difficult to meet the needs of pregnant women. And the wedding scene is full of people, it's easy to scare pregnant women. If there's an accident during this period, what should I do? In fact, when I'm pregnant and my family and friends get married, in order to reduce unnecessary troubles, I'd better not go to the wedding.

So, does it mean that pregnant women can't go to weddings? It's not absolute. If the host family doesn't mind the custom that pregnant women can't go to the wedding, and pregnant women themselves are ready to attend the wedding, then they can naturally attend the wedding.

However, as a pregnant woman, we still need to respect the custom. It's better not to touch the marriage room or the marriage bed, so as not to worry about the owner's family. However, there are others who chew their tongues, causing bad influence on themselves.