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Is Pu'er tea cooked or brewed? What kind of Pu'er tea can be boiled

Pu'er tea is rich in nutrients. Drinking Pu'er tea often has great benefits to the body. Is Pu'er tea cooked or brewed? What kind of Pu'er tea can be boiled? Let's take a look at the details.

Is Pu'er tea cooked or brewed

It's said that Pu'er tea tastes better when it's boiled, but Weng Kun, Secretary General of the National Technical Committee for tea standardization and deputy researcher of the national tea quality supervision and inspection center, clearly points out: 'Pu'er tea is better brewed than boiled. 'because it's easy to drink too much, which will affect the spleen and stomach. At the same time, it's not easy to control the aroma and taste. Only some old and coarse tea can be boiled and drunk, but the time should be controlled within 3 to 5 minutes, and the boiling time should not be too long.

From the functional point of view, it is recommended to drink clear water, and use bowls, teapots and other utensils for brewing. Because the boiling point of water is high, high temperature will destroy some beneficial contents of tea, such as vitamins. Moreover, there are certain conditions for making tea. Only when the tea can endure boiling, can the tea with high tenderness endure boiling, just like the tea with one bud and one leaf and one bud and two leaves; the tea with high boiling resistance is generally the third leaf and the fourth leaf, which have high degree of lignification. However, the tea with one bud and one leaf and one bud and two leaves has the most abundant contents and its nutritional value is extremely high; the third leaf and the fourth leaf, whose leaf age is about 15-20 days, have low nutritional components. In this way, it takes a long time to cook, and there is no maximum health care effect of drinking tea, so it is still not recommended to "cook tea".

What kind of Pu'er tea can be boiled

In the process of pile fermentation, the cooked tea can't be all turned evenly. In addition, the tea overflows a large amount of pectin after high temperature and humidity. Pectin sticks the surrounding tea together and turns it into a mass of 'tea pimples', which is commonly known as' old tea head'. The old tea head is the derivative tea of the cooked tea, so the old tea head is also the best choice for making tea. We all agree that cooked tea is boiled and drunk.

Generally speaking, the coarse and old raw tea such as old yellow slices can be boiled, while it is not recommended to boil the raw tea with a bud and a leaf that is picked more delicate.