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What should girls pay attention to when they come there? Precautions for women during menstruation

Many girls don't pay attention to protect their bodies when they come to menstruation. At last, many of them fall ill and regret. In fact, it's very important for girls to menstruate. Often some girls think it's no big deal and what to do. It's wrong. So what should girls pay attention to when they come there? Women during menstruation to understand the precautions.

Method / step:

1. Pay attention to rest

Girls in the menstrual period, to pay more attention to rest, do not have too much too much intense exercise, do not stay up late, if not pay attention, it is easy to endocrine disorders, leading to menstruation is not on time.

2. Keep in a good mood

When a girl comes to that place, she is in a rather restless mood, and it is inconvenient to do anything. But never have this mood, because once she is excited, she will also cause menstrual disorder.

3. Don't eat anything cold or raw

Some girls can't help but eat what they like during their menstrual period, such as drinking ice drinks, eating ice cream, these things can't be eaten, and spicy and irritant things can't be eaten, so they should avoid eating.

4. Don't touch cold water

Don't touch cold water during menstruation, don't wash your hair, take a bath, wash your face with cold water. If possible, you'd better not even wash your clothes with cold water. It's most important to protect your body.

5. Can't sleep with opposite sex during menstruation

Please note that the majority of girls, menstrual period must not be the same room with the opposite sex, or it is easy to infect bacteria, prone to gynecological diseases, this should be very careful.

6. Pay attention to personal hygiene

To change sanitary napkins and underwear frequently, pay attention to personal hygiene, you can use warm water to wipe private parts and keep them clean.