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Is it better to pay rural pension as early as possible? What's the new policy of rural pension in 20

There are still many differences between the rural people and the urban people. What the rural people pay most attention to is their daily life. In addition, it is the elderly's pension problem. With the increasing aging phenomenon, the country pays more attention to the rural pension problem. Is it better to pay rural pension as early as possible? What is the new policy of 2019 rural pension?

There is no pension for the old people in the countryside. They are too old to work in the fields or get income, so they can only rely on their children to provide for the aged. If you don't want to increase the burden on your children, it's better to pay endowment insurance. Now there is such an endowment insurance in the countryside. The earlier you pay endowment insurance, the more you pay it, the more cost-effective it is. If you don't believe it, you can listen to the expert's account.

The rural endowment insurance is the same as the urban social security, and the amount paid is increasing every year. The more you pay each year, the same is 15 years. The earlier you pay, the less you pay. In addition, the endowment insurance is also divided into many different grades. It is suggested to choose a higher-grade endowment insurance. Although the money paid is relatively large, the final pension is also more.

This year, the state introduced a new rural insurance policy. Farmers' friends can pay 90000 yuan of endowment insurance at one time, so that they can get 1300 yuan of pension after reaching the retirement age. You can get 1300 yuan a month. If you calculate it carefully, you can get your pension back in about six years. That is to say, you can get your pension from the age of 60 to the age of 66, which is not a long time. All the money you get after you get back to the book is money you earn. It's still very cost-effective to calculate it.

If you plan to pay for endowment insurance, it is recommended to pay as early as possible and choose a higher-end endowment insurance to pay within your own ability, which is the most cost-effective. Finally, we would like to remind you that it is a good thing to pay endowment insurance and receive pension, but we must not pay blindly and choose according to our actual economic situation.