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What kind of blessing should be given in the new year of the pig? What are the blessings of the year

The Spring Festival of the year of the pig in 2019 is about ten days away. The Spring Festival is the biggest traditional festival in China. In the Spring Festival, we have the custom of celebrating the new year. When we celebrate the new year, we say happy new year to each other, or say some auspicious words. I send a message to bless you when I can't see you, but we are poor in words at the critical time. How can I send the blessing words in the year of the pig? Let's learn from those recommended by Xiaobian!

1、 When the year of the pig arrives, you will be lucky to see your troubles. I wish you to go out and meet some distinguished people and listen to the good news at home. Every year, there is a time, and every year, there is a present!

2、 I wish you all the best in your life. I wish you all the best in your life. I wish you all the best in your life!

3、 SMS blessing to send, I wish you: 1 year, four seasons, 12 months, happy month, 51 weeks, good luck, 365 days, good luck every day. Wish you a happy Spring Festival and the year of the pig!

4、 The new year is coming. I don't want to give you anything but 50 million yuan: be happy! Be healthy! Be safe! Be satisfied! Don't forget me!

5、 New start, new hope, new day, new sunshine. Start a new pursuit, sow a new dream; turn a new page, write down a new glory; the beginning of the new year, send you a deep blessing: Happy New Year!

6、 Red lanterns hang high, hang out auspicious; songs and laughs flutter, flutter out festive; firecrackers and fireworks sound, ring out beautiful; sincere blessings, send out the voice: I wish you a happy pig year, happy smile!

7、 A pair of happy couplets are pasted on the front door to congratulate the new year. A cup of mellow wine is in hand, a mouthful of delicious food is left in the mouth, a blessing is sent to friends, and a wisp of deep feeling is around the heart. Happy New Year!

8、 The bell is my greeting, the song is my blessing, the snowflake is my greeting card, the wine is my kiss, the breeze is my hug, the happiness is my gift! All give you, wish you a happy year of the pig!

9、 The bell of the new year has sounded, the joy of the year of the pig begins to float, the bright fireworks bloom hope, the rich Spring Festival couplets bear the wealth, the joyful carols cover the earth, sincere blessing has set sail. Wish you a happy new year and a happy family!

10、 The year of the pig is coming. Welcome the door, send you joy and blessing. May you have a happy new year and all the best in your life. Happy family, everything goes well, good luck and longevity!