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What are good exercises for women's uterus and ovaries? How to maintain uterus and ovary

Is exercise good for women's uterus and ovaries? It's good for women's body to do some sports scientifically and properly. So which sports are good for uterus and ovaries? The following small edition introduces some suitable sports, so as to achieve the purpose of maintaining uterus and egg nest.

Good exercise for uterus and ovary

1. Walk fast for 30 minutes to improve the blood circulation of the uterus. Walking fast for 30 minutes every day can improve the blood circulation speed of uterus by 10%.

2. Swim once a week to improve the contractility. Swimming 2 hours a week can improve the contractive capacity by more than 10%. Develop the habit of swimming, can improve the ability of contractions, keep the temperature in the uterus.

3. Do "warm palace exercise" 3-4 times a week. Naturally separate your knees, kneel on the mat, straighten your waist, bend forward, and keep your chest as close to the pad as possible for 5 minutes. Then lie flat on the mat, do the belly retraction and hip lifting exercise, keep the hip in the air for 3-5 minutes as much as possible, and feel the uterus contract with the body.

4. Inhale, extend your hands upward for 5 seconds; exhale, close your hands and put them on your chest. Balance breathing. This action is conducive to enhancing the oxygen in the heart and lungs, filling the head with oxygen, so that the brain can rest. It has a relieving effect on the waist and abdomen pain caused by irregular menstruation, and also makes the ovary in a good resting state.

5. Bend forward, hold the lower leg with both hands, loosen the front and tighten the back. This action is conducive to strengthening the blood circulation of the whole vertebral body, preventing various gynecological diseases caused by kidney qi weakness, and eliminating tension. Can also make the hormone secretion of the ovary in the normal rhythm.

How to maintain women's ovaries:

Far away from radiation

Nowadays, due to the gradual development of electronic equipment, the radiation of various electrical equipment is also increasing. The radiation of mobile phones, computers, LCD TV screens and other electronic equipment is not small, which will cause some harm to our body.

Some studies have shown that computer radiation can affect the quality of eggs. However, nowadays, it's an era that can't be separated from computers. It's impossible to completely avoid computer radiation. In order to protect the ovaries, we can only stay away from computers as far as possible and disconnect the power supply in time when we don't use computers.

Balanced diet

Among all kinds of nutritious food, there are many that can help women to stay beautiful and maintain their ovaries. Women should eat more food that is conducive to balanced nutrition, eat less junk food that is harmful to health, and do not drink or smoke.