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What delicious food do people in Northeast China eat for the new year? What do people in Northeast C

What do people in Northeast China eat for the new year? It's the most solemn traditional festival in China. People attach great importance to it and there are many food customs. So, let's learn about what people in Northeast China eat during the Spring Festival from Xiaobian.

What do northeast people eat for the new year?

The old northeast people pay special attention to 'Chinese New Year', so they have: 'wife, don't be greedy. After Laba, it's Chinese New Year. After a few days of eating Laba porridge, you can drink it. Lililalala 23, 23, tanggua stick, 24, sweep the house, 25, fried tofu, 26, stewed mutton, 27, kill rooster, 28, make noodles, 29, steamed bread, stay up for a night, big The ballad of "Hello IP; & Hello IP;", which was twisted in the early years of the year. The Laba porridge, fried tofu, stewed mutton and so on listed in the folk songs are all delicacies of the old northeast during the Spring Festival. Today, these are common food, but in the 1950s and 1960s, we can only feast our mouths on New Year's day.

From the old custom, the new year's dishes of the northeast people are usually twelve. That is to say, in the evening of the new year's Eve, there should be twelve dishes on the table, which means twelve months a year. In terms of meat and vegetarianism, we should pay attention to six meat and six vegetarianism, which means that we have happiness and worry in one year. What do the northeast people eat for the new year? Here's an introduction.

1, sugar cucumber

Northeast Folk Song: 'tanggua sacrifice kitchen, new year's day comes'. The first food to enter the festival is the small food such as tanggua and Guandong sugar, which are made of gelatinous maltose and slightly sour in the sweet. It's an excellent food in the era of not very rich life. Moreover, there are sweet melons and Guandong sugar at home, indicating that the Spring Festival is not far away.

Of course, the "kitchen Lord" does not eat fireworks. This kind of "bribe" which hopes that the "kitchen Lord" can tell good things from heaven and protect the safety of the lower world "will naturally become the mouth of children.

2. Stewed pork with vermicelli

Northeast people must kill pigs for new year's day. Large pieces of pigs are cut off. When relatives and friends visit, they stew together with the vermicelli. The vermicelli are also rolled with the Northeast specialty potato starch. After a big fire, the aroma overflows. Fill a bowl of rice, stew pork and noodles with soup and water and pull them into the bowl. Let's eat together. Life is so warm and beautiful.

Northeast people have a high demand for new year's meal. This meal must include the so-called "four big pieces", namely, chicken, fish, ribs and elbows. Without any of them, it will not be "authentic" or "northeast". Chicken stewed with mushrooms, stewed vegetables, braised carp, pork stewed with vermicelli, sauce bone & hellip; & hellip; are all necessary dishes for the New Year!

3. Pig killing vegetable

Although there is little new year's special feature in Northeast China, it is still necessary to have chicken, fish and pork on the table. In the old days of the new year, pigs were killed to celebrate in Northeast China. Every part of the pigs would be made delicious. Among them, pig killing vegetables became the main dish of the new year.

The so-called "pig killing dish" is to stew frozen fat pork as the main raw material, together with pickled vegetables and blood intestines. It's hot and warm on the table in the evening of the new year's Eve! Nowadays, the northeast people have not stuck to cooking at home, not limited to eating only the northeast dishes, but still keep the bold style of "big fish and big meat are enough" as always on the requirements of the new year's dishes.

4. Fish

There must be a dish fish on the dinner table of the new year's Eve, and it must be carp. It was originally used to sacrifice gods, and later it was associated with "more than one year in a row" of "more than one year in a row". Although many people go to restaurants for dinner at the new year's Eve, most people in Northeast China still like to eat at home. A dozen members of the family got together.

In Northeast China, the new year's Eve celebration starts from eating the new year's Eve meal, which needs to be eaten slowly. The new year's Eve meal starts at about 8:00 p.m., and the meal has to be eaten late into the night. The dish must have fish (more than every year), chicken (auspicious), pig's hoof (rich in money) and others as you like.

5. Bean curd

'sticky bean package' is also called 'new year bean package'. As the name implies, it is the new year's cake of the package. In the northeast, every family will have sticky bean bags in winter, especially during the Spring Festival. The amount of food produced at one time is enough for a family to eat for a winter. Put the steamed sticky bean bag on the outside directly. When the children want to eat it, they stick it on the radiator. It's very hot.

When eating this sticky bean bag, you can dip it in the northeast special soft white sugar and eat it sweet and glutinous; you can also make it into a small round cake and fry it in oil to taste it crispy and fragrant. If it's a little more complicated, roll on the fried soybean noodles and eat it, it will become a famous snack in Beijing, which is "rolling on the donkey".

6, dumplings

It's the custom of northerners to eat dumplings during the Spring Festival. People in Northeast China have the habit of guarding the year on New Year's Eve. In the evening of new year's Eve, we must eat dumplings, only a few dumplings with coins (now people pay attention to hygiene, they use peanuts or other nuts instead). )Who has eaten such dumplings indicates good luck and auspiciousness in the new year.

In addition, people in the northeast must eat dumplings on the fifth day of the lunar new year, also known as "breaking the fifth day". It means breaking the dumplings, which means destroying all the unlucky things, and it means driving away disasters and evil spirits.

7, frozen pear

Because of the cold weather in Northeast China, some fruits have a different taste after freezing. The most common are iced pears and frozen persimmons. It is understood that the purest is the frozen autumn pear. In the north, there is a kind of pear called Qiuli, which is sour and astringent when it is just picked. So people pick the pear and put it directly under the tree, cover it with a layer of leaves, and the frozen autumn pear is sour, sweet and delicious, with plenty of juice.

Frozen pears should be thawed in water before eating. Eating this kind of pears after dinner can relieve alcohol and grease.