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What did Zhu Dan say on his microblog in response to the specific incident of Zhou Yiwei

The water in the entertainment circle is really a wave of ups and downs. Recently, due to the ferment of Wu Xiubo event, netizens have made statistics of 2019's slag man atlas, and Zhu Dan's husband Zhou Yiwei has also been selected. After that, Zhu Dan maintains her husband for the first time and makes a voice on the microblog. What's the specific matter? What does Zhu Dan say?

What's wrong with Zhu Dan's response to her husband

Recently, the incident of Wu Xiubo has become a hot topic. The netizens who eat melon summed up the 2019 representatives of Zhudan's husband, Zhou Yiwei, was selected. Later, Zhu Dan responded to his husband's being called "Zhunan" on Weibo. After Zhu Dan and Zhou Yiwei got married, the marriage was not optimistic. Every time there was a question about their marriage, Zhu Dan always appeared at the first time to refute the rumour, with full strength of husband protection.

Why Zhu Dan responds to her husband

Zhou Yiwei was selected into the ranks of 2019's slag men for 'ridiculing' Zhu Dan's acting skills, drinking a cup of milk tea with others, refusing to show affection and other events. In response to her husband's comments, Zhu Dan said: 'Zhou Yiwei is my husband, he loves me, respects me and cherishes me. My acting skills are not professional, it's a fact, and he doesn't urge me to make progress. He also said that Mr. Wang has many advantages and disadvantages, but it's not good to put on the bad name of "bad guy" cheating. This is not only vicious, but also connivance to those real bad guys.

For Zhu Dan's response, netizens said, "there's no silver here, 300 Liang". Why do you have to explain it? It's so cute! Men don't make any noise. It's their wives who come out to make a statement. What's the way? Wives don't mind if their husbands drink a cup of milk tea with others and eat melons. What's their opinion? Anyway, it's you who live, not us.

In addition, in the 2019 slag men selected by the netizen, besides Wu Xiubo, Liu Qiangdong, Lin Dan, Yiwei Zhou, Joker Xue, Jiang Jinfu, Gao Yunxiang, Gao Yunxiang, all articles were also selected. Who do you think fully deserve this title?