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Is social security endowment insurance? What are the differences between social security and endowme

Does social insurance mean endowment insurance? What's the difference between them? With the development of society, more and more people begin to think about social security and pay attention to endowment insurance. Let's learn about the relationship between social security and endowment insurance.

What is social insurance?

Social insurance, short for social security, refers to the non-profit social security system with income redistribution function, which is organized by the government and jointly undertaken by workers and employers in order to prevent and force most members of society to participate. At present, the main items of social insurance in China include endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance and work-related injury insurance. Different types of insurance guarantee different contents, for example, medical insurance is to protect the insured to obtain basic medical services.

What is endowment insurance?

Endowment insurance is a system established by the government in accordance with the law to guarantee the basic life of the workers after the old age loses their ability to work and quits the labor force. It is an important part of the social security system. The endowment insurance system of our country is mainly composed of three parts: first, enjoying conditions, mainly including age conditions, working age (payment years or deemed payment years) conditions, and whether it is complete The second is the standard of retirement, retirement and retirement treatment, which is mainly based on different conditions of retirement and different levels of security; the third is the system of pension financing, fund management and supervision and inspection.

What's the difference between social security and endowment insurance?

First, they have different concepts. Endowment insurance refers to a kind of social insurance established by the state and society according to laws and regulations to solve the problem that the laborer reaches the labor age limit of relieving the labor obligation stipulated by the state, or the basic life of the laborer after the old age loses the ability to work and leaves the post. Social security is the abbreviation of social insurance, which refers to five types of insurance: endowment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance and industrial injury insurance.

Second, they are different in content. Social insurance includes endowment insurance, but not limited to endowment insurance. Endowment insurance is only one of the five types of social insurance. Generally, social insurance includes endowment insurance, but single endowment insurance does not include medical insurance and so on.

Third, they have different purposes. The main purpose of purchasing endowment insurance is to guarantee the basic life after old age. The purchase of social security can not only guarantee the basic life after old age, but also guarantee the basic medical services, and ensure the basic life during the unemployment period and work-related injury period.

1、 I plan to buy social security. I wonder if social security is endowment insurance. Is there a pension after I get old?

[answer]: Yes, social security is social insurance, including endowment insurance, but also medical insurance.

2、 Is social security endowment insurance? Can you just buy endowment insurance?

[answer]: social security is not endowment insurance, but includes endowment insurance. Individuals can purchase endowment insurance separately, but enterprises must purchase social security for employees, and the consultation telephone number is 12333.

3、 Social security is endowment insurance? To buy endowment insurance is to buy social security, right?

[answer]: No, endowment insurance is only one of the five insurance types of social security. Buying endowment insurance does not mean buying social security.