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Is there any skill for Pu'er tea storage? What are the environmental requirements for the storage of

For Pu'er tea loving consumers, they usually buy Pu'er tea and store it at home. So how to store Pu'er tea? Family storage of Pu'er tea, how to make this' drinkable antique 'like in the general' more old and more fragrant 'under professional storage conditions, family storage of Pu'er tea must do the following six aspects:

Storage tank

1. Keep Pu'er tea away from high temperature

High temperature will accelerate the degradation of chlorophyll in Pu'er tea, and the chlorophyll will continue to transform to the demagneted chlorophyll. The bright green will turn dark brown, and the automatic oxidation of tea polyphenols and other substances will also accelerate under high temperature. According to the research, the browning speed of Pu'er tea will increase with the increase of temperature by 10 ℃, and the aging of tea is easy to affect the quality.

2. Store Pu'er tea away from direct sunlight

The plant pigments and lipids in Pu'er tea are prone to photochemical reactions, resulting in sun and other flavors. Pu'er tea is particularly sensitive to light, so store it away from direct sunlight.

3. Store Pu'er tea to avoid peculiar smell

Tea is a porous and loose body, which is very easy to absorb peculiar smell. Avoid the place where Pu'er tea is stored to have peculiar smell, which is easy to make Pu'er tea absorb peculiar smell and affect its essential taste. One of the key points of storing Pu'er tea is not to let the tea absorb the peculiar smell produced in the family. Every family always has one or another family mixed smell, such as cooking and eating fumes, washing products used for bathing and cleaning, and the temperature and humidity of toxic gases released from furniture.


Tea sucks the taste. Do not store Pu'er tea near the smelly or smelly space, such as toilet, kitchen, newly bought cabinet, etc.

4. Keep Pu'er tea away from moisture

Pu'er tea is a porous loose body, many substances are hydrophilic compounds, which are easy to absorb moisture and return to moisture. After returning to moisture, the water content of Pu'er tea increases. When the water content of Pu'er tea exceeds 8%, Pu'er tea will speed up its deterioration, and mildew will occur after breeding microorganisms. Keep in a cool and dry place.

5. Storage environment of Pu'er tea

Store it in a warm, humid, aerobic and odor free space. If you want to make the quality of Pu'er tea better, you need to check the Pu'er tea regularly and adjust the environment as best as possible. In addition to the transformation degree, the inspection content should also check whether it is moldy or has insects. If there are any, they should be dealt with in time, so as not to be remedied after becoming serious.

If conditions permit, the environment should always be in the most appropriate state, such as adjusting the temperature and temperature. If there is no condition, at least ventilation should be provided to prevent tea from mildew. The key time is in the humid weather, so we should be more careful in handling. Of course, in the north, this situation may not be much, but in the rainy season or 'back to the South' day in the south every year (that is, from winter to spring), the weather is very humid. At this time, we should pay special attention to that the air conditioning can be turned on, and ventilation can be conducted without air conditioning. Of course, ventilation here does not mean ventilation It must be completely open to let the natural wind blow. Our daily life experience tells us that if the humidity of the natural wind is too high, it will be more and more wet, unable to reach the dry condition.

6. Simple management method

For the storage of Pu'er tea, there are instructions on the packaging paper. In fact, it is a basic requirement for the storage of Pu'er tea. For the general household storage, it is OK to do what it says according to the instructions on the packaging box. If there is a small amount of tea, it can be sealed with large kraft paper letters, try to put your tea together, and do not put it with non tea products Put things together to prevent smell. However, if you have more Pu'er tea in your collection or have higher requirements for tea storage, the heat can not be dissipated, which means a little "dead", just like people's life is not comfortable in the environment where the air is not circulating.

The so-called "cool" is to keep Pu'er tea away from the sun, minimize the impact of strong light on Pu'er tea, and not to keep Pu'er tea in a high temperature environment for a long time, especially in the high temperature and humidity climate period in the south. High temperature is not only easy to make Pu'er tea lose its activity, but also is not conducive to the aging of Pu'er tea itself. Over time, Pu'er tea will die, that is, it has no value of storage and transformation. You can use some utensils to store Pu'er tea. Usually, you use more purple sand containers or ceramic containers, and of course, you can also use cartons.

One of the key points of storing Pu'er tea is to gather tea gas, so if possible, special rooms can be set up to let Pu'er tea together to gather tea gas aroma. But when it is not ventilated, or the air is not flowing, it is more appropriate, and it is not conducive to the transformation of Pu'er tea, because the oxygen needed by Pu'er tea can not be supplemented in time. In addition, the Pu'er tea produced in the transformation process also needs to breathe. The transformation conditions are oxygen and water, so the ventilation link is also an important part, but there is a ventilation link Degree, not too much ventilation, too much ventilation will make the tea quality loose for Pu'er tea, this is also suitable.