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What are the taboos of hot spring in winter? Can I wear contact lenses in Hot Springs

Can you wear contact lenses in hot springs? Hot springs are good for your body, so many people choose to go to hot springs in winter. Can you wear contact eyes in hot springs? What are the taboos in hot springs in winter?

Can I wear contact lenses in hot springs

Contact lenses have security risks, so you can only wear frame glasses.

People choose the hot spring season in winter, so the temperature of the hot spring is much higher than the outside temperature, and contact lenses are easy to be melted by hot air or dehydrated under high temperature. Contact lenses originally need water, so once dehydrated, they will absorb the water contained in their eyes, which is easy to cause dry and itchy eyes and even painful feelings. If the water in the contact lens evaporates excessively, it will cause the contact lens to be stuck on the cornea and hard to take out, causing eye injury.

And even if your contact lenses are resistant to high temperature, the bacteria in the hot spring will also cause harm to your eyes. Because there are many people in the hot spring pool, all kinds of bacteria will be mixed in it, and the bacteria will attach to your lenses with the water vapor in the hot spring, which may not feel very much at that time, but there may be eye inflammation, keratitis or horn in a period of time In the case of membrane ulceration, the vision is not good at first. After such a toss, the vision must be greatly affected.

So people who need glasses should be good enough to wear glasses with frames. If they are afraid of fog, buy a small bottle of spray to prevent fog.

Hot spring taboo Daquan:

1. first bath

You'd better take a bath before you take a hot spring bath, because you can absorb the minerals in the hot spring when you take a hot spring bath, so you can avoid the discomfort of suddenly entering the water.

2., we need to replenishment.

When you are soaking in a hot spring, your pores will open. When you are soaking to a certain extent, your water will flow out. At this time, you should drink water at any time, and drink more before soaking.

3. time

It is not better to stay in the hot spring for a long time. There must be an interval in between. For example, you can go ashore once in half an hour. You can't sit in the hot spring pool all the time, or you will have chest tightness and poor breath.

When can't you take a hot spring

1. drinking

After drinking, the blood flow of the human body is very fast, and at this time, the pressure of the heart is very large, and the body is prone to discomfort. If you go to the hot spring at this time, coupled with the hot air of the hot spring water, the blood circulation of the whole body becomes faster, and it is easy to induce cardiovascular disease. In addition, if you have high blood pressure and emotional excitement, you'd better not take a hot spring.

2. before and after meals

You can't take a hot spring immediately after eating or after taking a hot spring, because when you take a hot spring, the blood flow around your body accelerates, which mainly supplies brain cells, while the blood flow in your stomach is less. At this time, the digestion ability of your stomach is weak, so it's not easy to take a hot spring.