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What is the plan for delayed retirement in 2019? In 2019, the postponement and retirement plan was i

The Ministry of human resources and social security today announced a schedule for delayed retirement, which could be implemented as early as 2022. This calculation has a great impact on the Post-70s and post-80s generation. How old is the retirement age? What is the plan for delayed retirement in 2019? In 2019, the extension and retirement plan was introduced.

Yin Weimin, Minister of the Ministry of human resources and social security of China, said that China will implement "gradual delayed retirement", strive to complete the formulation of the plan this year, and formally launch the plan in the following years, at least five years after the launch. Want to retire? Don't worry, wait a minute. You're still needed for the social pension gap. (news: the retirement age of female employees is set at 60 for female cadres at the level of principal and deputy department)

1、 Implementation schedule of delayed retirement plan:

Designated delayed retirement plan in 2015 -- & gt; submitted to the central government for approval and public consultation in 2017 -- & gt; announced plan in 2017 -- & gt; most implemented time in 2022

2、 Provisions for delayed retirement:

On January 9, Yin Weimin, Minister of human resources and social security, once again mentioned in the people's daily when he published his signed article: in view of the accelerated development trend of population aging, timely study and introduce measures such as gradual delay of retirement age.

For a while, this important policy related to the employment and life of all employees was once again on the wave.

In fact, earlier, the Ministry of human resources and social security made it clear that: after the introduction of the plan, we will fully solicit opinions and go through a five-year transition period, and it will be officially implemented in 2022.

Four categories of people will be affected by delayed retirement:

The biggest impact after 70

According to the retirement age reform plan: from 2018, the retirement age of women will be delayed by one year every three years, and that of men will be delayed by one year every six years until reaching 65 years at the same time in 2045.

Retirement schedule

According to the general policy of delaying retirement on the Internet, this retirement schedule is speculated. Although there is no official notice, you can refer to the following:

Comparison table of male employees' retirement:

Comparison of female employees' retirement

It can be seen that the delayed retirement plan has a great impact on the Post-70s and post-80s. According to the plan of the Ministry of human resources and social security, the "gradual" delayed retirement will be implemented: the retirement age will be extended for several months every year, until the newly formulated legal retirement age is reached after a long time.

3、 How to understand the progressive retirement age?

(Note: the following is the online retirement plan for reference only. Please refer to the official plan for details)

Based on the retirement age of 55 years, it is assumed that the annual extension of retirement time is 6 months. Since the implementation of the plan, it is increasing year by year until reaching the new retirement age.

If the retirement time is extended for two months every year, the retirement age of the young partner born in 1986 will be 58.3 years old. Before reaching the new legal retirement age, the gradual delayed retirement will affect the post-90s. According to current projections, the legal retirement age is likely to be 65.

I believe that the retirement age regulation has scared everyone. You may refer to it. In fact, our country also has a relatively complete retirement insurance system, so it is better to compare prices with some countries. And the retirement age is not a big deal.