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What changes will 5g bring to our life after the first 5g mobile phone has been dialed through

Now that the first 5g mobile phone has been dialed, many people still don't know what changes the investment and application of 5g will bring to our life. Of course, it's understandable. After all, the 4G era is really convenient, and the Internet speed basically won't let us wait for a long time, so we will be addicted to our achievements in many times. Indeed, to give a very simple example, we use traffic to watch a movie now, which basically won't get stuck. Then your Internet speed is improving, and it won't improve my experience even more, so we come to the conclusion that 5g is just like that. But such a statement is quite one-sided. It is true that the development of the network on the mobile phone is close to saturation, and the functions of the mobile phone may only be like this at present, and the network speed will not have a great impact any more.

However, in other aspects, the requirement for network speed is not enough. First, in terms of computing, if a lot of cloud computing is upgraded to 5g, its function and computing power will be powerful. After all, 5g network speed is 20 times of 4G network speed in theory. Secondly, the latency of 5g network will be lower, that is, the response time after the occurrence will be shorter. If we get to the AI field or the robot, the effect will be particularly obvious, and it will be more sensitive in the remote transmission and remote control, which 4G can't do now. Finally and most importantly, 4G may be enough for mobile phones and computers alone, but we need to consider the future development of the world. What if more things start to connect to the network in the future? Your headphones, furniture, cars, etc., so that everyone needs a lot of connection ports, which together will become a very scary number, Then 4G will probably not be as fast as 2G.

So 5g of ultra fast network speed and ultra-low delay can greatly improve the efficiency of these devices at present. And the ultra-high density can support us to access more users to meet the needs of more people. So no matter what, the age of 5g will come soon. While China is still in the leading position of 5g, we should seize this opportunity.