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Note to novice parents: what kind of certificates need to be handled from pregnancy to birth

In a family, when you know that your wife is pregnant with a baby, in addition to the joy of being a father for the first time, there are many factors to consider. Only when they are done properly, can they better welcome the baby. As a new parent, you need to know what kind of certificates you need to handle from pregnancy to birth. Don't be careless about this.

There are a lot of formalities to go through. I'd like to share them with you here. There will be different requirements from different places. You can consult the hospital or the street for specific details.

pregnancy permit

1. Birth permit: "birth service certificate" is what we often call "birth permit". This is the first certificate for a new baby. It should be handled when she is just pregnant. This book is closely related to the baby's birth, household registration and other matters.

2. Place of handling: sub district office

3. Materials required for handling:

(1) Household register (it's better for both husband and wife, if not together, it's better to hold the mother's household register);

(2) ID cards of both parties;

(3) Certificate of first marriage and first childbearing of both husband and wife (it can be issued by the work unit or the neighborhood committee);

(4) Medical insurance manual and copies;

(5) "Pregnancy diagnosis certificate" and pregnancy test sheet (with birth seal) issued by designated hospital;

(6) One 1-inch crown free photo of the woman.

Little card

1. Small card: full name "XX City maternal health manual". Within 12 weeks of pregnancy, the mother to be should go to the hospital designated by the street where the registered permanent residence is located for physical examination. After the examination, the hospital will issue you a small card.

2. Each district or county may have different ID card, marriage certificate, household register and pregnant woman contact card (birth permit). The mother to be will consult the hospital or street in advance.

3. Expectant mothers need B-ultrasound, vaginal discharge routine, serum test, urine routine, blood routine, etc. Most hospitals do, but a few hospitals may have some differences.

Big card

1. Big card: after the small card is handled in the street hospital, the mother to be should go to the hospital of choice and production to handle the health care manual around 13 weeks, which is what we call "big card", which is what we often call "Filing". The manual will record the situation of each delivery inspection in detail for the reference of doctors in the future.

2. ID card, small card, social security card and money required for handling.

3. The expectant mothers need the items of birth examination: blood routine, urine routine, blood type, liver function, height, weight, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, gynecological routine, B-ultrasound, etc. Each hospital is slightly different, and the general cost is about 1000 yuan.

Birth medical certificate

1. Birth certificate: the baby is about to give birth. When the mother to be is admitted to the hospital, the hospital will ask to fill in the birth medical certificate self filling form to prepare for the coming baby to issue the birth medical certificate. This birth certificate is the baby's first personal certificate.

The self filling form generally includes the following contents: parent's name, ID card number, nationality, baby's name, baby's registered residence address, mother's residential address, bed number, etc.

If you haven't figured out your baby's name when you are in hospital, you can use a small name instead. But before leaving the hospital, we must give the baby a big name, because the name on the birth certificate cannot be altered.

2. Detail reminder

(1) Filling in the self filling form of birth medical certificate must be careful, because once filled in and printed, it cannot be changed.

(2) After receiving the birth medical certificate, check it carefully. In case of any error in filling in, it shall apply to the hospital for replacement in time. It is strictly forbidden to alter the birth medical certificate. Once altered, it will be deemed invalid.

(3) The birth medical certificate is an effective legal evidence for infants. Keep it properly.

Registered residence

After the baby is born, there will be one more family member in the family. At this time, it's time to register the baby so that he (she) can officially become a member of the family in law.

1. Materials needed: birth permit issued by family planning department, birth medical certificate issued by hospital, household register, etc.

2. Procedures: when applying to the local police station account declaration office, you should fill in the account application form in detail and register the account. The baby's name can be added to the account book.


Medical insurance card

After having a good registered permanent residence for your baby, you should apply for the medical insurance card for your baby as soon as possible, so as to guarantee your baby's future medical treatment.

1. Handling conditions: hold a local account, if the baby's account is in other provinces and cities, in the absence of other medical insurance, it depends on whether the parents of both sides have their own household registration or introduce talents in this city, and if it is to introduce talents, the baby also needs to apply for the introduction of talent accompanying card.

2. Place of application: social security service center where the household registration is located.

3. Materials required for handling: the original and copy of birth medical certificate, the original and copy of household register (the first page of household register and the page printed with the household registration information of the baby). After the medical insurance card is completed, the staff of the social security service center will call you to collect it.