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Blessings of the great cold of 2019

The cold is the last solar term of the 24 solar terms. It occurs when the sun reaches 300 DEG; of the Yellow longitude between January 19 and 21 every year. Today is 24 solar terms, so is the solar term to send blessings to relatives and friends?

"General examination of timing & middot; Tianshi" quoted "sanliyizong": "the cold is the middle, which is shaped in the small cold, so it is called the big & hellip; hellip; cold reverse pole, so it is called the big cold. 'at this time, the cold wave is frequent in the south, which is the coldest period of the year in most parts of China. The wind is strong, the temperature is low, and the snow on the ground does not melt. It presents a cold scene of ice, snow and freezing.

[blessings of the great cold Festival]

1. When you arrive in the severe cold, you should wear more clothes to keep warm, eat more scallion, ginger and garlic to protect yourself from the cold, keep warm inside and outside; when you arrive in the severe cold, call to remind you to keep warm, send a message to wish you good health and happiness inside and outside; wish you good health in the severe cold, keep away from cold and cold.

2. pay attention to the weather, add clothes frequently, exercise and keep healthy. Don't forget to take a cotton cap when you go out, and go home to drill and warm the bed. Send a text message to greet you. I hope you are in a good health, happy mood, and safe in the cold.

3. When it's cold, for the sake of shivering, pour you a basin of hot water: wish you a warm week every day, a wonderful month, a prosperous season, a happy year, an auspicious year, a peaceful moment, everything goes well, and you are drenched!

4. It's cold in the cold weather. I'll give you three warms: the body, the coat, the stomach, and the heart. Remember to add clothes to keep you warm and warm. Most importantly, may friendship bring you the most intimate warmth and eliminate the cold in winter.

5. The cold, the peak of cold, the end of worry, the starting point of happiness, the focus of good luck, the focus of success, the focus of peace, the foothold of happiness, wish you happy every day and have a cool life.

6. When the cold comes, I wish you the best: if the flu virus doesn't bother you, I will hold you in my arms at a healthy time; if the cold current and frost don't invade, I will warm my body and mind; if I am worried and depressed, I will be empty, happy and happy for a winter!

7. When it's cold, a text message, endless Acacia, infinite blessing. Although it's only a dime, it contains a lot of affection. I hope you are very warm, very happy, very healthy, very lucky, very rich, very happy!

8. When the big cold arrives, I'd like to send you big and big blessings. I wish you great success, great wealth, great wisdom, great courage, good luck and great mood!

9. Since the beginning of the new year, I'll teach you thumb exercise: take out your mobile phone, write a text message, the thumb moves rhythmically, it can warm your blood through channels, benefit the country and the people, it's good for your body and mind, send more text messages to your relatives and friends, and the effect is obvious.

10., the great cold, to send you a 'cold resistance' sword, beat all the "cold soldiers", give you a "cold" shovel, eradicate all "cold tumor", bring a "cold" helmet, separated from the cold "," to send you a "cold spell" curse: my concern is always here!

11. When it comes to the cold, we should concentrate on the guidance of "anti cold", prepare for the combination of "prevention and control" with both hands, think twice before we go "anti cold" as the main thing, and keep the four seasons safe. The "cold" is the key. It's the coldest in a year, and we must fight this last battle! I wish you good health, all the best, and a happy cold!

12. When the cold comes, 'shield' the cold hesitation, 'isolate' the recklessness of the cold wind, 'smooth' the fierce rush of the cold war, 'abandon' the sadness of the cold winter, send the blessing, warm and auspicious. I wish you all the best!

13. When the cold comes, I will send you a bowl of hot soup, hoping to drive away the cold for you; I will send you a pair of cotton gloves, hoping to bring you warmth; I will send you a thick friendship, hoping to bring you happiness; I will send you a sincere blessing, hoping to bring you infinite happiness. Happy in the cold.

14. When the solar term of the great cold comes, wintersweet is proud of its cold frost. Although Yu Han is not yet there, Yang Chun will do something about it. Magpies on the branches make people laugh everywhere. Every spring dress is pretty, and every family is around. Spring comes early after winter. I wish you a happy hug!

15. It's cold today. I'd like to send you a coat! Please use it to wrap warm family feeling, romantic love, happy friendship, fasten your health, block all bad luck, and have a warm good mood every day!

16. Shake your mobile phone and send it to your hand. Jump on tiptoe, happy to report. Twist your waist, and good luck follows. Clap your hands, happy flowers bloom. The cold gives you a warm coat, but I wish you health.

17. My big cold information goes to: (liuxue86. Com) take apart the first layer, thick mask to keep off the flu, take apart the second layer, warm gloves to protect hands, take apart the third layer, warm socks are gorgeous, take apart the fourth layer, don't take apart, and then take apart mobile phone parts. Wish you a happy big cold!

18. The cold is the weather, the warm is friendship, the sincere is used, the short message is sent, the care is given, and the blessing is sent. When the cold weather arrives, pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation, and wish you happiness forever.

19. The winter festival, the cold current, the cold wind, the snowflake, the snow walk, the snow field, find happiness, make a snowman, snowball, snowball fight, ski sled bless you, body and mind, warm ocean, winter auspicious, happy and carefree!

20. It's extremely cold in the cold. The branches of snowflakes are noisy and pure. The colder the air is, the wind blows in the winter. The plum blossom blows in a hurry. The message is sent out and the blessing is sent. I wish you a happy cold, good health and all the best!

21. When it's cold, I'll send you a new cold resistant outfit: 'take off' flakes of snow and cut them into warm cotton socks; 'collect' granular ice cream and weave a transparent cotton cap; 'uncover' layers of windows and sew thick cotton coats. In the cold, I wish you happiness and happiness. Everything will be as you wish. Happy in the cold!

22. When the cold weather comes, the waist and legs will be warm and more dressed. The diet will be light. The radish soup will be greasy. The hot pot season will be hot. The cabbage will be sweet and dry. The chicken soup is best matched with the Chinese wolfberry, which can nourish the liver and kidney. Warm care will be given to you. Happy and healthy city will gather!

23. With the coming of the cold, we have a good way of health preservation, add clothes to keep out the cold, do not catch cold, exercise outdoors, sunrise is good, yam mutton, raw materials for soup making, black rice and black beans, unique tonic kidney, wash face in cold water, improve immunity, soak feet in hot water, drive away insomnia, take care of it and keep it healthy!

24. It is very cold, windproof and cold proof, with clothes and hats added, warm back, feet soaked before going to bed, sleep improvement, warm toning, Chinese date with mutton, water soaked with hawthorn, spleen invigorating and stagnation eliminating, Chinese yam porridge, first choice for warm stomach, ginger and brown sugar, far away from cold, moderate exercise, jogging and mountaineering. Care to send, wish you health!

25. The solar term of the great cold is coming again. We have the know-how to prevent the cold and freeze. Put on the warm cotton padded jacket, cover the sincerely woven gloves, put on the hats that care about the knitting, fasten the scarf of the warm brand, often smile slightly, keep a good mood, take care of many friends, send SMS greetings to me first, and wish you a good mood!

26. The wind blows the snow, the weather is cold, the sky is beautiful, and you wear it wastefully; I send you a message, your heart is warm, saying that I am considerate, and you are really intoxicated; when the cold comes, you should drink more boiled water, exercise more, and sleep more. Dear, is this message warm?

27. When the cold season starts, the earth will be cold and chapped; when it's cold and warm, exercise more; when it's cold and cold, the heart will not be cold; when I miss you deeply, I will accompany you with warm feelings; when it's cold, I will greet you warmly, I will warm you physically and mentally; when it's cold, I wish you happiness and well-being. Happy winter!

28. When the north wind blows, you will feel deep yearning; when the fog locks the building, you will not be able to cover the long-term friendship; when the ice covers thousands of miles, you will not be able to freeze the deep friendship; when the snow dances all over the sky, you will feel continuous feelings. When the cold comes, may the flowers of friendship bloom and the tree of friendship be evergreen. May you be happy, happy and safe!

29. A neckband, warm head; a pair of gloves, warm hands; a pair of cotton boots, warm feet; a bowl of hot dumplings, warm stomach; a pot of good wine, warm body; a greeting, warm heart; a cold solar term, bless friends: auspicious winter, warm ocean.

30. The solar term of the great cold is coming. I'd like to send you a message to express my best wishes. I'll take good care of it when I get up in the morning. I'll keep warm and cold. I'll bubble my feet before I go to bed at night. I'll sleep comfortably. I'll drink plenty of boiled water to keep fit. I'll supplement nutrition in time. I'll be happy and healthy. I wish you good health!

31. It's cold and cold, don't worry about winter, people have air conditioning, you have my greetings. Great cold solar term, melt your sorrow with my warm greetings, burn your happiness with my warm words, and wish you happiness and health.

32. The weather is extremely cold. I wish you a blessing with my frozen fingers. I hope you can stay in a warm house and drink warm tea and smile. Be happy!

33. The cold weather makes the world full of cold; the feeling in the heart makes the cold become warm; the thought in the brain makes the warm send the feeling; the distant you, may the feeling bring you infinite warmth. Great cold solar term, take good care of your body, wish you good health!

34. Tired, let's see the flowers bloom, let's relax our mind; tired, let's see the tide rise and fall, let's enjoy our life; cold; let's see my blessing. When the cold comes, may you take good care of yourself!

35. The dog died of cold in September and September. The best way to prevent cold is to play ball in the spare time; call a friend to drink some wine; cheer up the whole couple. If it's cold, you can hold hands. Occasionally, you can hold a hug. Happy life to the white head! Happy big cold!

36. In the cold today, I'd like to present you a friendship warm clothing with a happy collar, good luck on the sleeve, success in the pocket, romance on the button, warmth on the front, happiness on the back, and warm mood every day!

37. After a cold, another year; care for the body, reasonable diet; open-minded, do not lose temper; health often accompany, happiness accompany you; luck often, good luck; life in the world, happy first!

38. The cold is the solar term of the great cold, the warm is to read your mind, the short is the blessing words, the long is to miss the whole place, the whirring is the north wind rolling the ground, the dripping is my care: wrap tightly, drink more boiled water!

39. When the cold comes, the temperature drops sharply and the cold wave surges, which is inevitable. May you take care of yourself, add more clothes, exercise properly and increase your nutrition. It can nourish the body and mind. Happy mood, through the cold winter!

40. Enjoy a cup of warm tea and a share of warmth during the cold season. Happiness is so simple. Great cold solar term, reading a message, showing a smiling face, happiness is so simple.

41. The cold provocation is imminent, and the cold takes the opportunity to become the emperor. This insurgency cannot be underestimated. Insisting on exercise is a just act, keeping warm and cold is a good plan to calm the chaos, and regular work and rest is the best defense. In the cold, as the guardian of health, we will surely win the final victory of happiness and peace.

42. You are surrounded by cold weather and cold solar terms. You are scared to flee from diseases of all sizes. You are abandoned by sorrow and worry. You are left by pressure and difficulty. You are said goodbye by cold heart. Good luck, happiness, fullness, coldness and deep love. You are accompanied by health, peace, bitterness and hardship. I wish you peace, happiness and good luck in the cold season!

43. Struggle can dispel the chill; courage can dispel the chill; persistence can overcome the cold; perseverance can capture the ice; success can raise the warmth; comfort can release the warmth; reunion can keep the happiness; and celebration can add the beauty. I wish you a warm and warm life!

44. The north wind sways and the cold comes, the thousands of miles of ice flowers tell us the beauty, the silver is wrapped in the mountains and rivers, the wintersweet is in full bloom and writes the fragrance, the snow is flying all over the sky and dances auspiciously, a short message conveys the true feelings, the cold comes, wish you happiness and safety!

45. The snow is falling and the cold wind is blowing. Put on the cotton pants, and the cold will disappear. A bowl of ginger soup will not hurt you. Leisure at home, young and old well-being. It's cold. Remember to add some grass in the nest and a coat on your body. You won't have trouble. You're better than ever. Great cold days,