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How much does rural social security get every month after 15 years? What are the new regulations on

How much does rural social security get every month after 15 years? What are the new regulations for rural social security in 2019? Farmers who have reached the age of 16 (excluding students at school) and who have not participated in the basic endowment insurance for urban workers may voluntarily participate in the new endowment insurance in the place where their household registration is made. The basic pension is issued by the state finance. As long as you are over 60 years old, you can get a basic pension of 75 yuan no matter whether you have paid endowment insurance before.

After so many years of operation, many rural old people over 60 years old have enjoyed the benefits of this policy and received real gold and silver, thus strengthening the young farmers' determination to purchase rural social security. However, because many young farmers have been working abroad for a long time, it is inevitable that they are not clear about the specific policies of rural social security. For example, how much should they receive after the rural social security has been paid for 15 years?

To find out this problem, we must first understand its composition. The new rural insurance fund is composed of individual contributions, collective subsidies and government subsidies. At present, there are 8 levels of rural social security individual payment, namely: 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 300 yuan, 400 yuan, 500 yuan, 600 yuan, 700 yuan, 800 yuan. The more you pay, the more you get. How much should you get after 15 years of rural social security? The farmer friend thus calculated knew, the concrete calculation method is as follows.

The calculation formula of individual account pension = total personal contribution + financial subsidy + total bank interest & divide; 139. For example, if someone starts to pay 100 yuan a year from the age of 45, that is (100x15 + 60x15 + bank interest) & divide; 139 = 20 yuan. By the age of 60, the amount of pension that can be received every month is about (basic pension) 75 + 20 = 95 yuan. Due to the different levels of economic development of local governments, the amount of financial subsidies will be different, and the economically developed areas will be higher than the economically underdeveloped areas.