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Where is it better for the family to play during the Spring Festival? Spring Festival is suitable fo

The Chinese Spring Festival in 2019 is coming, and many small partners are busy looking for travel itinerary during the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival is the biggest traditional festival in China, and every year is a time to celebrate and get together. So where is the Spring Festival for the family to play?


Some people say that the most precious new year's product of the Spring Festival is the "New Year's flavor". After 20 years of rapid economic development, the Spring Festival has changed a lot with childhood. Many people lament that the new year is more boring, so the new year's flavor is what everyone is generally looking for.

I would like to recommend Xi'an, a place full of the flavor of the year. Xi'an is an ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties and an important birthplace of Chinese civilization. It has six world heritage sites: the mausoleum of the first emperor of Qin, the terracotta warriors of the first emperor of Qin, the Dayan Pagoda, the Daming Palace site, the Weiyang Palace site and the Xingjiao temple.

There are also many popular tourist spots: Hui snack street, Huashan, ancient city wall, Huaqing pool, etc. during the Spring Festival, Xi'an will hold large-scale temple fair activities and traditional cultural performances. It's not fun to enjoy folk customs, visit temple fair, visit world cultural heritage, and travel through the Tang Dynasty.

Xi'an's scenic spots are basically in the city or suburbs, and the driving time between scenic spots is very short, which will not cause the waste of time on the road. You can choose a hotel in the center of the city, wake up in the morning and then go to play. 2-3 places are recommended for a day. Xi'an is also famous for its delicious food, such as mutton steamed bun, Xi'an cold skin, mutton soup and steamed bowl.

Xi'an recommendation

1. Xi'an, the ancient city of one thousand years, has experienced a strong flavor of the year.

2. The scenic spot is close to each other, so it is suitable for taking the elderly and children to travel.

3. There are many historical and cultural attractions, and you can taste many delicious food.

If you choose to travel in China and want to find a coastal city with warm climate, the first thing I recommend is Beihai. We all know that Hainan is much better than Beihai, but in recent years, the scene of the new year's festival in Hainan scared many people.

So let's talk about Beihai, which is located in the south of Guangxi and close to the Beibu Gulf. In 2005, Beihai was rated as "China's top ten livable cities". The temperature in February is about 15-21 degrees, which is not cold or hot. It's very suitable for relaxation.

The beach of Beihai is no less than Sanya. The silver beach is located in the suburb of Beihai. It stretches for more than 20 kilometers from east to west. The beach is white and delicate, shining silver under the sunshine. It is famous for its flat beach, fine white sand, clean water temperature, soft waves and no sharks. Weizhou Island, Xinghu Island, Shankou mangrove, Beihai undersea world and other attractions are worth visiting.

Beihai's tourism industry has not yet formed a "hot" state, with relatively few tourists and low consumption. As a coastal city, the cost must be much lower than that of Hainan. The new year in Beihai can save a lot of crowd and the family can enjoy the whole holiday quietly.

The undersea world of the North Sea and the window to the sea are places children like to enjoy. If you have enough time, you can take the high-speed rail to visit Yangshuo and Guilin, which are the famous landscapes that the old people like.

Reasons for Beihai recommendation

1. Warm coastal city, enjoy the sea and sand.

2. The number of tourists is much less than that of Hainan. Avoid crowding.

3. The cost of tourism is low and economical.