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Tiktok, red cliff, swing? Specific location of cliff swing in wanghong scenic spot

If you tiktok often played recently, you must be familiar with the Ordovician period. The tiktok of those cliffs and the hanging glass plank road can feel the thrill of the screen. Is cliff swing thrilling? Do you know where it is?

We set out from Chengdu, stayed in Chongqing for one night, and then drove to Wansheng dream Ordovician near Chongqing in the early morning of the next day.

Today's weather is particularly good. Although it's not summer yet, the weather in Chongqing has already entered summer early. The sun is shining and the mountains are covered with trees.

Entering the museum, the first project is the sky Gallery, which is also the most popular project in the Ordovician period. It is also a successful application for the Guinness world record. The world's longest hanging air glass corridor, which is suspended on a cliff hundreds of meters high, is more than 80 meters away from the cliff, so it is called the sky gallery.

The gallery bridge is in the shape of "a". The bridge deck is paved with full transparent glass. From inside to outside, the width becomes narrower and narrower. Standing at the top of the gallery bridge, you will not only enjoy the magnificent view of the small longitudinal mountains and the beautiful sky, but also subvert your cognition of the high altitude stimulation.

There are two kinds of high-altitude cantilevered Corridor: big and small. If you are really afraid, you can go to the small cantilevered corridor next to you and get used to it first. The length of the small hanging gallery is not long, so I need to wear shoe covers to enter. What I am not promising is that I choose to go to the small one first and get used to it.

The small porch with shoe covers and clean glass makes me sweat when I walk on it.

I can say that I'm leaning on the handrail without looking at the whole circle.

We are going this time. The weather is better. There are no clouds on a sunny day. It is said that when there are clouds, there will be a sea of clouds here.

Walking on the longest Glass Gallery, you can see the terrace at the foot of the mountain. However, one thing about the long gallery is that the more you walk on your head, the more you can feel the resonance of the gallery and the slight shaking at your feet, which once made my heart mention my voice.

The deck of the cantilevered corridor is paved with full transparent glass, which is placed on the cliff of nearly 100 meters high, with a total length of 200 meters and an outward cantilevered length of nearly 70 meters. It is more than the Colorado viewing corridor bridge in the United States, and it is also the longest cantilevered aerial glass corridor in the world at present.

I'd like to say that everyone who can walk is strong enough not to.

A tiktok of young people come here to pose in a concave video. It seems that this red card playing spot is really popular.

If we can experience exciting projects here, I would also like to say that it is a good choice to stand on the glass plank road and look at the distant scenery.

From the hanging Gallery down the stairs, you can see the second very net red project: step by step.

People walking on it is equivalent to walking at a height of 150 meters. When they look down, they can see the cliff under the iron walkway. It's not exciting.

The walkway here has no railings, no glass, and only one rope as a protective measure. The interval between them is as long as 30 cm, and every step on it must be carefully calculated. I dare not play this project, which is too scary.

If you see a long line, you must have come to this cliff swing.

The swing here is located at the edge of the cliff. Once thrown out, it is 300 meters high, divided into high and low levels. In my friend's words, the feeling of sitting up should be 'a thought of heaven, a moment of Hell'.

With the scream, cliff swing must be the most eye-catching project.

The highest swing is about eight meters high. It takes about 5-8 minutes for a person to play, so it basically takes an hour to play in line.

So if you are coming for the swing, you can go to the queue as soon as you enter the scenic area. Other attractions can be played at any time except for the need to line up on the slide.