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Can social security be paid once a year? How to calculate social security

Social insurance is a kind of social and economic system that provides income or compensation for the people who lose their ability to work, temporarily lose their jobs or lose their health. Can social security be paid once a year? What are the ways to calculate social security?

1. Social security is paid on a monthly basis, but the annual payment fees can be saved in the account, so that the social security can automatically deduct the fees every month.

2. Social security shall be paid by the local social security bureau.

3. The social security payment fee depends on the local social security payment base (if your salary is higher than the social security base, pay according to your actual salary) according to the local regulations, about 20% of the base.

Extended data:

How to calculate Premium:

Payment amount = payment base * payment proportion.

1. Social security payment base

The payment base of social security refers to the wage base used by enterprises or individual employees to calculate the social insurance premium. Multiplying the base by the prescribed rate is the amount of social insurance premium that enterprises or individuals should pay.

The social security contribution base of each region is linked to the local average wage data. It is determined according to the monthly average amount of all wage income of the employee from January to December of the previous year. It is determined once a year, and after it is determined, it will not change within one year. The time for declaration and adjustment of social security base is generally in July.

Enterprises generally take the total wages of the employees as the payment base, and half of the employees take the monthly average wages of the previous year as the salary base of paying social insurance premiums. In China, the payment base is determined by the social insurance agency according to the declaration of the employer.

2. Payment proportion

Payment proportion, that is, the collection rate of social insurance premium. China's "social insurance law" has not made specific and clear provisions on the collection rate of social insurance. According to the current social insurance policies in China, we implement different collection proportion for different types of social insurance.