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Is the cotton sheet pilling? How to distinguish whether the bed sheet material is pure cotton

No matter what it is, as long as it can play ball, it will make people feel uncomfortable. The thing that plays ball will give people a sense of slovenness, while the thing itself will give people a sense of cheapness. Bed sheets are generally made of pure cotton, so will the sheets of pure cotton pilling? What fabrics will the sheets not pilling?

Is the cotton sheet pilling

It's possible to pillage. It depends on the quality. Generally, the well treated pure cotton bed sheet will not pilling. Pure cotton is easy to wrinkle and deform. It needs to add other ingredients to keep the shape.

Many people think that pure cotton is absolutely non pilling. They think that only chemical fiber can pilling, so when clothing pilling, they will think that the fabric is not pure cotton, mixed with other chemical fiber ingredients. Pure cotton fabric is not 100% non pilling, because pure cotton fabric is also divided into several grades. The best pure cotton is made of the longest fiber extracted from cotton. After pilling treatment, the surface of good pure cotton fabric will have a layer of soft and comfortable fluff. Any surface wool fabric after friction, the surface wool fibers will be tangled together, forming the phenomenon of pilling, then why is pure cotton fabric not easy to pilling?

The reason why pure cotton fabric is not easy to pilling

Because the fiber of chemical fiber is stronger and more tenacious than that of pure cotton, it is not easy to fall off after playing the ball. After a long time, the wool ball has been stubbornly stuck on the clothes. At this time, the pilling is obvious. And the wool ball on the pure cotton fabric will gradually fall off in the process of washing and friction, so people have formed the understanding that 'pure cotton will not pilling'.

What kind of bed sheet doesn't pillage

1. Cotton bed sheet

Cotton bed sheet is soft and sweat absorbing, but it is also easy to wrinkle, deform, dye or change color. Pure cotton is also divided into ordinary pure cotton and high-density pure cotton. The latter is the fabric produced by high-density weaving method, which has certain anti wrinkle effect, but it is still easy to wrinkle, and has a good visual texture under the condition of good care.

2. A bed sheet with a certain proportion of pure cotton and polyester

The texture is hard, not as comfortable as pure cotton, not easy to deform, not easy to wrinkle, not easy to dye or change color. According to the different proportion of cotton and polyester, the characteristics shift to pure cotton or polyester.

3. 100% polyester bed sheet

Features: hard texture, not easy to deform and wrinkle, poor visual texture effect. It belongs to low-grade fabric.

4. Linen sheet

Comfortable, soft, sweat absorbing, easily wrinkled, deformed, dyed or discolored. In a good state of care has a good visual texture.

How to distinguish whether the bed sheet material is pure cotton

1, look at

Pure cotton fabric has no aurora. Use two hands to level the fabric and add a certain amount of tension. The fabric and the body are at a 45 degree angle downward. Check whether there is dazzling light flash on the light source. If there is, it is proved that there is chemical fiber.

2. Touch

Pure cotton fabric feels full and thick, and looks like the same thickness of fabric. Pure cotton feels firm and has muscles and bones, while chemical fiber is soft, loose and has no muscles and bones.

3. Knead

There will be obvious folds after the pure cotton bed sheet is pinched. There will be a clear fold line after the fabric is folded in half and expanded with fingernails, but there will be no folds after the chemical fiber fabric is folded.

4, burn

Draw a small thread of yarn from the seam edge of the bed sheet. The cotton fiber will not melt or shrink near the flame. It will burn immediately when contacting the flame. When burning, it will smell of burning paper. After burning, it will be fine and soft ash black or ash white flocculent ash without coking.