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What's the reason for Wang Fugui? What does Wang Fugui mean

Many netizens don't understand what's the reason for Wang Fugui? What does Wang Fugui mean? However, the animated film "Curse of the wind" which is currently on show is invited to participate in the Venice International Film Festival's "focus on China" market special film exhibition. The film stands on the foundation of Chinese traditional culture and creates a unique & lsquo; xialan & rsquo; world.

Venice International Film Festival, founded in 1932, is the oldest film festival in the world, known as the "father of International Film Festival". The "focus on China" series aims to further strengthen the film and television, cultural and technological exchanges between China and Italy, as well as between China and Europe. It provides an international platform for the exchange and promotion of the film industry between China and Italy, and also creates a new opportunity for filmmakers around the world to understand the new development and status quo of Chinese films. The producer of "wind spell" said he hoped to make a contribution to the output of Chinese culture with the help of this exhibition.

"Chinese wind" is the first feeling of most audiences for "wind spell". The ancient buildings and monsters based on curve design in the picture are full of rich oriental flavor. It is reported that hundreds of buildings, such as ancient houses, streets, archways, walls, etc., are all modeled in strict accordance with the Dougong structure of ancient Chinese buildings, striving to be real without pickaxes. After watching, Fang Wenshan, a representative of Chinese style, also said that he was "impressed with the country".

The Oriental emotion in the movie is the most moving. Mei Jie, the mother, is shrewd and fierce in the market. She uses force against her son whenever she can. But in order to cure his eyes, she is willing to gamble with her life and embark on the road of turning against the sky and changing her life. Mei Jie's tough, soft hearted and hard to express character combines the characteristics of most oriental mothers. Many viewers say 'think of their mother' and 'want to call her mother after watching the movie'. At the end of the movie, Langming refuses to choose jiugongling, which also conveys another theme of Oriental emotion: "guarding is the most affectionate confession".

After the film was released, a large number of fans left a message in the name of "Wang Fugui" and shouted at the director's strange brain hole. Originally, in the design of the movie, there is a village called "that village". All the people in the village are called Wang Fugui. They sing the sacrificial music of brainwashing like the song of "throwing the pot". This unprecedented "civilization" makes the audience laugh. For such a secluded village, there are audiences laughing and commenting on the story of peach blossom in the brain hole version.

In the clip released today, the history of that village is also exposed. Unexpectedly, when the village head carefully opened the book, what came into sight was the simple strokes like children's graffiti. A few villains danced like slides to play back the story of that year. With the village head's serious explanation, it's hard to bear a laugh. 'this is definitely the most wonderful village and the most unofficial history I've ever seen', 'this animation is a burden, I'm going to laugh at becoming a rich king'.