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Can endowment insurance be taken out after resigning from the unit? How to make up endowment insuran

Can endowment insurance be taken out after resigning from the unit? How to make up endowment insurance after job hopping? Many people in the workplace will face such confusion when they change jobs and leave. Although we have been paying 'pensions', we still don't know much about many related issues. Pension seems to be very close, but it's far away.

According to the latest Interim Measures for the transfer and continuation of basic endowment insurance relationship of urban enterprise employees, from January 1, 2010, the social insurance shall not be refunded (if the insured dies, goes abroad to settle down and reaches the retirement age, the endowment insurance can be refunded if it is less than 15 years).

According to the latest policy, endowment insurance (implemented on January 1, 2010) and medical insurance (implemented on July 1, 2010) can be transferred with the transfer of the insured's employment place. If you want to develop in a new place of employment, you can apply to transfer the pension and medical insurance from other places to the new place of employment as long as you set up a social security account and pay normally.

In today's society, pension is a very important life guarantee for many employees after retirement. In many companies, employees are required to pay pensions to the company. But when a person leaves the company before retiring, the problem of pension placement becomes a thorny one. I believe that a lot of friends who leave their jobs are very concerned about whether the pension can be taken out by the company after leaving their jobs, so can the pension insurance taken out by the company after leaving their jobs? Next, I will ask you to answer this question.

Pension insurance can be interrupted. It doesn't matter if it is interrupted in the middle. In the end, it is accumulated years. However, the more you pay, the more your pension will be. Handle transfer procedures: in the old unit to make a transfer form, to the new unit on the line.

After job hopping, how to make up for five insurances and one gold?

According to a staff member surnamed Zhang of the social security department, the social endowment insurance of urban employees can be paid back. If an individual pays back, he only needs to pay 20% of 1524 yuan per month according to the payment base of this year. If an organization pays back, he has to pay 28% of 1524 yuan per month, of which 20% is borne by a single person and 8% by an individual. There is no need to pay overdue fine for making up the endowment insurance.

After leaving the company, can the old-age insurance previously paid by the company be taken out? The old-age pension is the fund accumulated for the old-age pension after retirement during the working period of an individual. What about the old-age insurance after leaving the original unit? Can the part of the old-age insurance paid by the company be taken out? According to the small part, according to the policy, the basic old-age insurance relationship shall not be terminated and refunded before reaching the age of receiving the treatment Keep the formalities.

Can I withdraw the endowment insurance paid by the company?

After leaving office, the handling of the five insurances and one fund of the laborer and the files are generally as follows. The actual situation of different parts of the country is different, which should be based on the local situation. The party concerned should go to the local area for consultation:

1. The transfer procedures of endowment insurance Interim Measures for the transfer and continuation of basic endowment insurance relationship of employees in urban enterprises stipulates that endowment insurance adopts the mode of "double transfer", and the transfer procedures are as follows:

The first is to carry the relevant supporting materials including the insured's resident identity card, certificate of termination of labor relations, resident household register, etc., and print the basic endowment insurance insured payment certificate to the current local social security agency;

Second, take all these procedures, fill in the transfer connection application form and apply for transfer to the social security institution in the transfer place. Since then, there is no need to worry about other matters. The social departments of the new and old insured places will deal with the transfer. As long as the review is passed, the insured will receive the notice of completion of transfer from social security department 45 working days later.

In some special cases, you can still apply for retirement insurance and withdraw the money from it.

At present, retirement from endowment insurance is limited to the following situations:

1. Reaching the retirement age and failing to meet the conditions for 15 years of payment (all the savings in the individual account shall be paid);

2、 The insured dies for some reason;

3. The insured shall go abroad to settle down;

4. In case of death after retirement and balance of personal account, it is possible to apply for surrender in these cases, but the success or failure depends on the relevant policies of all regions.

Now let's see whether the endowment insurance paid by the company can be taken out. For the endowment insurance handled in the company, your own part can be transferred to your new urban social security bureau, but the part paid by the company can't be taken out.

What should I do when I stop paying the pension insurance after I leave office?

One is to stop paying fees, form the interruption of payment period, and stop the accumulation of personal accounts, but as long as the time is not long, it has little impact on the future;

Second, the individual pays in full, that is, he or she pays the past part together with the enterprise part without interrupting the payment, but such a heavy personal burden is not very cost-effective;

Third, if you want to find a job in another place, you can go through insurance transfer procedures and go to a new employment area. Either way, finding a new job can be continued and will never expire until you retire.

How to renew the old-age insurance after leaving the company?

First of all, individuals can only pay social security in the place where their account is located. If they are not local, they can only rely on the unit to pay social security. If you do not plan to pay social security, be sure to go to the social security bureau where the social security account is opened to handle the suspension of social security payment, so as not to cause arrears. As long as the social security has been paid for 15 years before retirement, it can receive insurance benefits at the time of retirement, during which time it can be cut off, stopped and paid up. The state has implemented the inter provincial transfer of endowment insurance since 2010, and specific measures can be introduced from July 2010. If it's a local account, you can continue to pay social security. If it's a non local account, you can rely on the unit or pay social security through the talent center.