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Which coin is the most valuable in history? Count the ten most valuable coins in China

China is one of the first countries in the world to use currency, with a history of 5000 years. Which coin is the most valuable in history? Xiao Bian has made an inventory of the ten most valuable coins in China. Let's have a look.

10. The second set of RMB (three yuan) was printed by the Soviet Union. Its uniqueness lies in that the first set of RMB issued before and the third, fourth and fifth sets of RMB issued later have never seen such face value again, which can be called "unprecedented" and have high collection value.

9. The characters in the design of the securities face moved from left to right, which made a serious "right leaning" mistake in the era of fierce debate about the "left and right routes". Since then, the coupon has been severely recycled and destroyed, and its life span has decreased dramatically. However, the 'wrong route' on Zaohong dime coins makes Zaohong dime a favorite in the collection field today.

8. The fourth set of 8050 issued only 24 crowns, which consumed a lot in the early market and recycled completely. At present, it is very difficult to meet the knife goods 8050 in the collection market, while the bundle goods 8050 is even more difficult to meet, which is very difficult for ordinary people to see. The existence of the market rarely gives it a congenital advantage of appreciation. Moreover, there is a large market for both new and old 8050 coins. At present, due to the lack of 8050 in four sets, we have to cut the EE version of 8050 from the four linked notes.

7. The third set of RMB 2-yuan banknotes is the third version of the king of money. It's a rare banknote with two kinds of watermarks in the history of RMB in our country. It's very difficult to pack them.

6. People who collect banknotes can't forget the "thrilling" when Beijing Olympic banknotes were issued. There was a "rush to cash" at the bank gates of major cities across the country. On the same day, the price of commemorative banknotes on the market rose from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, and some even sold to more than 1000 yuan.

5. In the collection of RMB, the first set of RMB has repeatedly set a high auction price. In addition to the difficulty of collecting a full set of 60 pieces of RMB, it is more important to include the first set of 10000 yuan horse herding map, which is the most famous collection of RMB, known as "the most cow RMB in history".

4. Jianguo banknote is the first Commemorative Banknote in China, using the most advanced printing technology at that time. Although it's not uncommon to see Jianguo banknotes, are you scared by such a spectacular amount.

3. "Daheishi" 10 yuan is a very popular coin in the RMB collection field. Its circulation time is short, and it has been forcibly recovered and destroyed by the Chinese government. In addition, people are unfamiliar with the RMB collection market in the early days, so all kinds of coins are not properly kept, so the existence of "Daheishi" is very rare.

2. The fourth set of RMB banknotes (renpao) is only issued in 10000 sets, and the number of this set of banknotes is exactly 10000, which is the last set of closing number. This is not a bright spot. The bright spot is that there is one more Fuer in the upper left corner of the two yuan note, which is even more rare and unique!

1. Every person who opens the way of collecting paper money will have a piece of paper money as his original intention. He will go on the "no return" road of collecting under the guidance of a piece of paper money. This note may be a five yuan note sandwiched in a notebook, or it may be the new year's money that I didn't want to spend when I was a child.