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What should I do if I lose my Taiwan pass? Learn about the process of reissuing Taiwan pass

What should I do if I lose my Taiwan pass? To learn about the process of reissuing Taiwan pass, take Beijing as an example.

1、 Conditions:

1. If the "pass to and from Taiwan" is damaged, lost or stolen, a replacement certificate may be applied for.

2. Application for reissue of Taiwan pass can be accompanied by individual travel endorsement and group travel endorsement.

2、 Materials required:

1. Application form for Chinese citizen's exit and entry certificate;

2. Resident ID card or household register; the applicant who changes his name, ID card number, date of birth, place of birth and other information shall also submit the household register.

3. In case of application for reissue, the applicant shall submit his / her written statement, and in case of loss or theft abroad, he / she shall also submit the entry certificate;

4. Materials required for corresponding endorsement;

5. Minors under the age of 16 shall be accompanied by their guardians or by others entrusted by their guardians to apply, provide proof of guardianship (such as birth certificate, household register with parent-child relationship, or other proof documents that can prove guardianship relationship in accordance with the provisions of the civil law), submit their guardian's resident identity card, and fill in the application form with the guardian's consent to leave the country. If a guardian entrusts another person to accompany him, in addition to the above materials, he shall also submit the power of attorney of the guardian and the identity certificate of the companion;

Extended data:

Time limit:

1. Generally, the time limit for Beijing residents to apply for the mainland resident's pass to Taiwan is 7 working days, and the time limit for online pre application is 7 working days; the specific evidence collection date for non Beijing residents is subject to the evidence collection date on the receipt of application for Chinese citizen's exit and entry certificate, and the general time limit for handling the mainland resident's pass to Taiwan is 7 working days.

2. The time limit for obtaining evidence shall be calculated from the second working day after the application is submitted. Saturdays, days and legal holidays shall not be counted as working days.

3. Log in the website of Beijing Public Security Bureau 'entry exit management office' to check the progress.


From July 1, 2017, the electronic pass to Taiwan will be reduced from 100 yuan per pass to 80 yuan per pass, and the one-time effective pass will be reduced from 20 yuan per pass to 15 yuan per pass.

Note: from April 24, 2017, Beijing officially opened the new version of Taiwan pass (hereinafter referred to as "electronic Taiwan pass") and stopped signing this type of Taiwan pass.

After the opening of the E-PASS, the current type of E-PASS and sticker can be used continuously, or the E-PASS can be renewed, which is not limited by the validity period of the E-PASS.