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How to use sports bracelet? How to use SPORTS BRACELET

If you have a sports bracelet, it can almost make our life healthier no matter what its location and price. But if you're buying exercise bracelets just to use them as a fitness tracker, how do you use them? How to use the sports bracelet.

In addition to monitoring how far you have gone and how far you have run, we can also set a fixed cycle goal through the exercise bracelet to help us slowly achieve this goal and gradually improve. Let's take a look at the amount of daily exercise in a short period of time, and then gradually increase the daily value. However, the process of promotion should be gradual rather than unrealistic. If the goal is too ambitious and unrealistic, it will eliminate our enthusiasm for sports and lead to ultimate failure. Many mobile bracelets already have the function of setting the moving target, and at the same time, they can achieve the target with the help of the third-party application.

Competition is the driving force. Another way to maintain the motivation of sports is to be competitive. We can compare the results with other users in the same community or social software through the app, so that we can directly compare the results with friends. In addition, when we achieve our goals or win the competition with others, we can also get rewards, which can better help us complete the exercise.

Self motivation. We should give more practical rewards for ourselves to achieve our goals, and this can also help us to improve. For example, when we set a goal, we can let ourselves watch a movie, or reward ourselves with a PS4, etc. However, we should pay attention that we should not reward ourselves for eating junk food. We should know that we will take in more calories and waste the exercise effect.

Record food intake. Exercise is just a way to achieve the effect of exercise. At the same time, if you want to be really healthy, you have to control your diet. You can't eat what you want. But exercise bracelets don't help us control our diet, but they can be used in combination with some third-party apps to track calorie intake. Add food information to the app to track fat, calories and other nutrients you eat. And a regular diet will make us do more and make our daily diet healthier.

Don't rely too much on calorie burning. Although we can get and track the number of calories consumed, the accuracy of this data is not high at present. According to the research from Iowa State University, most of the tracker errors are about 15%. Even if there is a heart rate monitoring device, the accuracy will be better, but it is not completely accurate. If you want to count calories, burn at least 15% more than the data to make sure you're at least on target.

Keep it on and don't take it off. If you are not used to it and often take it off, the data will be inaccurate. Now most sports bracelets are waterproof, so they can be worn in swimming or bathing. If you have to take the bracelet off and charge it, don't forget to set an alarm clock to remind you that you need to take the bracelet with you immediately after charging to get accurate results. This will not only help you track your daily data accurately, but also help you build a completed sports platform.

Don't ignore details. The great thing about sports bracelets is that they can constantly remind us to exercise more, and they can be carried out under any circumstances. We can choose to take the elevator, or we can choose to climb the stairs. As long as we remember to look for any opportunity to make ourselves more active, we can play the role of sports Bracelet more. Although these are small things, but many small things and details together, will achieve a complete amount of exercise. As time goes on, the sports bracelet will help us form a complete tracking data, and the sports bracelet will become the perfect partner in our life.

The design of large screen makes the visual effect better. The environmental protection silicone strap is not only heat-resistant but also air permeable. The dial adopts IP vacuum plating, which is wear-resistant and colorless. It has powerful intelligent function and is very suitable for sports and fitness. Very small body, wearing it more like invisible, simple screen and curve design, looks more fashionable and atmospheric, super strong battery brings super long endurance, makes you more focused when you exercise, and is a good helper for exercise step counting and monitoring!

Very personalized design and curved screen, very fashionable to wear, 50m deep waterproof, not only suitable for running wear, even swimming, it can help you record the state of motion, super long battery life, let you wear more at ease. Just like this green intelligent bracelet, it is simple and generous in appearance, and green gives people the feeling of youth and vitality. In terms of function, it can measure heart rate, calculate steps, Bluetooth connection and other functions to meet our daily needs. Most importantly, the diamond design of the wristband avoids falling off.

The unique wrist Bluetooth headset can connect two mobile phones at the same time and answer the call at any time. The dual branch antenna design makes the call more stable. It's both a Bluetooth headset and a fashionable sports bracelet, so that you can exercise and answer the phone without delay. With Taiwan's smart chip, it can monitor blood pressure based on pulse conduction rate technology, directly measure blood pressure with a wrist watch and display it on the screen, making it so simple to measure blood pressure.