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How to feed a two-year-old baby? What are the precautions

What is suitable for two-year-old babies? The stomach capacity of two-year-old babies is limited, and their intestines and stomach are delicate, which is suitable for eating less and eating more. We should pay attention to nutrition balance, which is hard for mothers. When cooking for babies, we should make the food softer and prepare more fruits and vegetables. So how to feed a two-year-old baby? Do you have any precautions? Xiaobian has prepared some recipes for your baby. Let's have a look.

1、 Baby's stomach capacity is limited, it's better to eat less and eat more. Before the age of 1.5, you can add two snacks to your baby's three meals. The snack time can be in the afternoon and at night. After the age of 1.5, it can be reduced to three meals and one point. The snack time can be in the afternoon. But when adding a little heart, we should pay attention to the following: first, the amount of snacks should be appropriate, not too much; second, the time should not be too close to the dinner, so as not to affect the appetite of the dinner, and not to give the baby snacks at will, otherwise the longer the time, the nutritional imbalance will be caused.

2、 Eat more vegetables and fruits. One of the main sources of nutrition for baby every day is vegetables, especially orange green vegetables, such as tomatoes, carrots, rape, persimmon peppers, etc. These vegetables can be processed into finely chopped, soft and rotten vegetables, fried and seasoned, and fed to the baby in the rice. Pay attention to the fruit should also be given to the baby to eat, but fruit can not replace vegetables, 1 to 2 years old baby should eat vegetables, fruits a total of 150-250g.

3、 Appropriate intake of animal and plant protein. In meat, fish, beans and eggs, there are a lot of high-quality protein. You can use these food to make soup, or use minced meat, fish balls, tofu, egg soup and other easily digested food to feed your baby. Children aged 1-2 should eat 40-50g meat, 25-50g bean products and 1 egg every day.

4、 Milk is rich in nutrition, especially calcium, which is good for baby's absorption. Therefore, milk is still an indispensable food for baby in this period, and 250-500ml should be taken every day.

5、 Coarse grains and fine grains should be taken to avoid vitamin B1 deficiency. The main food can be soft rice, congee, small steamed bread, small wonton, small dumpling, small bun, etc. it doesn't matter if you don't eat too much. The daily intake is about 150g.

What you should pay attention to now in the two-year-old's diet is: the baby's stomach capacity is limited, so it's better to eat less and more meals; eat more vegetables and fruits; take in animal and plant protein in an appropriate amount; milk is rich in nutrition, especially calcium, which is conducive to the absorption of the baby, so milk is still an indispensable food for the baby in this period; coarse grains and fine grains should be taken to avoid vitamin B1 deficiency.

1. Chinese yam with green pepper and carrot

Ingredients: yam, carrot, green pepper, salad oil, salt, sesame oil.

Method: wash carrots and green peppers and cut them into pieces. Pour some oil into the pan and stir fry until it is broken. When the yams are cooled, they are pressed into mud. Pour the pressed yam paste into the bowl, add the stir fried green pepper and carrot, add salt, and grasp all the food well. Prepare the jelly mold, apply a layer of sesame oil on the inner wall, then fill in the mixed yam mud, and press it with a spoon. Turn it upside down on the plate, and you can eat it.

2. Qiaohu rice

Ingredients: rice, corn, green beans, carrots, chicken breast meat, cheese, eggs, seaweed, oil consumption, corn starch.

Method: press the rice, pour it on the plate, take a ball of rice and wrap it with plastic wrap to make two ears of qiaohu. Add some corn starch into the yolk and stir evenly. Pour in the yolk liquid until one side is solidified and then turn over to the other side. The cheese slices are made into olive shape with small scissors and spread on the lower part of the face. Cut two small semicircles of cheese slices and put them on the ears and eyeballs. The seaweed is cut out in the shape shown in the picture. Corn, green beans and diced carrots are ready. Put oil in the wok, heat the oil, stir fry the diced chicken until it is 5 mature, continue to stir fry the vegetable granules, and finally add some oyster sauce. Put the fried dishes beside qiaohu.