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Wechat new personalized signature at the end of 2019! Brilliant and profound

with the coming of the new year, wechat also has a new version. In fact, wechat can also have its own personal signature like QQ. At the end of 2019, wechat's new version of personal signature will learn about it! Incisive and profound.

1. Only after self-cultivation, can others attach themselves. It's called 'near is happy, far is coming'. Phoenix is the habitat of phoenix trees. Only when you get to that level will you have a circle, not the reverse.

2. There is always a way to go. You need to walk alone. May you be the sunshine, bright and not sad.

3. No matter how well you do it, some people still point out; even if you are in a mess, some people still sing praises. So you don't have to fall into the eyes of others. You need to please yourself.

4. May someone accompany you from the school uniform to the wedding dress, may someone accompany you through the youth and frivolity, and also accompany you to the white temples. You may meet each other as before, and your eyes will become a book.

5. Don't complain about every day of your life. Good days bring you happiness, bad days bring you experience, and the worst days teach you lessons.

6. The beginning of the story is always like this, just in time, caught off guard. The end of the story is always like this, two flowers bloom, each side of the world. -- Zhang Jiajia

7. One day, you will eventually meet such a person, a stranger who is totally unfamiliar, without any emotional basis, but feel that they can live together very well. So, tired heart, finally willing to stop. --A thousand and a thousand

8. It's your luck to have someone to help you, no one to help you, it's just fate, no one should do anything for you, because life is your own, you have to be responsible for yourself.

9. Meet is always caught off guard, and leave is more premeditated for a long time, there are always some people will fade out of your life, you have to learn to accept rather than miss.

10. No matter how good others are, they are others. No matter how bad they are, they are themselves. I'm ordinary, but I'm unique. I wish every girl could be refined to old age, with the sun in her eyes, and the smile full of magnanimity.