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How to deal with hairtail before eating? How to wash frozen hairtail

Hairtail is one of the common aquatic products in the life of hairtail. Many people like to eat hairtail, especially the indispensable one on the Chinese New Year's table. Fried hairtail is crispy and delicious, which is the favorite of many people. How to deal with frozen hairtail before eating? Let's get to know.

The correct method and procedure of washing hairtail

1. Cut off the head and fins of the fresh hairtail, and cut off the belly of the hairtail. If it is frozen hairtail, it should be thawed naturally first.

2. Take the viscera out of the hairtail's belly and throw it away. Then take the hairtail section to the bottom of the tap water, wash it and rub off the black film inside the hairtail's belly, and then rinse the hairtail section.

Matters needing attention

When washing hairtail, never use hot water of about 75 degrees, because the hairtail scales will melt when they encounter hot water of 75 degrees. In the process of washing hairtail, try to pay attention not to get rid of the hairtail scales, not to scratch the silver scales intentionally.

The silver scales on the body surface of hairtail have high nutritional value, but they also have heavy fishy smell. This layer of silver scales will be slowly oxidized after long-term contact with the air. The oxidized silver scales will turn yellow and have a "harrass taste". Such scales can no longer be eaten. When washing the hairtail, try to wash it out.

Method 1

Put the hairtail section in 80 ℃ hot water, scald it for about 10 seconds, and then quickly immerse it in cold water. Add some ginger slices and fine salt in cold water in advance, soak it until the hairtail section is cooled, and then brush it with a brush or scrub it with a cloth. Many of them can remove the scales, and then rinse it with running water.

Method two

Take a small amount of alkali into water, and then soak the hairtail section in this alkali water for a period of time, so that it is easy to clean the scales, and the washed hairtail basically has no fishy smell.

Method three

Do not thaw the frozen section of hairtail in advance. Soak it in warm water to let the surface ice away. After the ice away, brush it with steel wire ball quickly. Brush it with water while washing. Brush one piece after melting.

Practice of hairtail

Practice one

Material Science

500g hairtail, 5g scallion, 5g ginger, 5g garlic, 6G soy sauce, 6G vinegar, 10g cooking wine, 10g sugar, 4G salt, 2G chicken essence, 40g fresh soup.


1. Divide the hairtail into 5 cm sections and marinate it with salt.

2. Use kitchen paper to absorb the water on the surface of hairtail and stick some flour.

3. Heat the oil in the pot, fry the fish in the lower part, leave the pot when both sides are golden yellow, drain the oil for use.

4. Leave the oil in the pan, stir fry the onion, ginger and garlic, and put in the fried hairtail.

5. Cook in cooking wine, vinegar, soy sauce, add some fresh soup, add sugar, chicken essence, stir well after taste.