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Who is Wu Xiubo's wife? Personal data of Wu Xiubo's wife he Zhenya

As we all know, Wu Xiubo was a late bloomer, and it was not until he was 42 that he officially emerged as a spy in "before dawn". Recently, all kinds of negative news about Wu Xiubo broke out. The image of a good man collapsed completely. People are more concerned about who is Wu Xiubo's wife.

Then in 2012, "mind skill" and 2013, "Beijing meets Seattle", the delightful image of uncle, became popular.

Although this wave of popularity came a little late, it was just right. A steady, low-key, mature image of the charming uncle, lying to win all the hot little fresh meat.

But in fact, before becoming popular, Wu Xiubo's life can only be described as "down and out".

Wu Xiubo went to the concert hall to sing for ten years.

During this period, he married and gave birth to a child. Later, his family was running out of money. Finally, someone suggested that he should start acting again.

So there is today's Wu Xiubo.

In his most difficult time, his wife he Zhenya never left, so it is said that all Wu Xiubo's assets are now signed by he Zhenya. He even never mentions his family to the outside world and protects his family very well.

The so-called wife can't be abandoned, but the latest news came that Wu Xiubo was betrayed? And it was xiaosanqin's spontaneous long article complaint: seven years of company in exchange for ruthless abandonment! Wu Xiubo himself didn't respond for the time being, but from the details exposed, it's not hard to find that this time, Wu Xiubo really made a big noise, not only Xiaosan appeared, but also hurt other girls.

1. Wu Xiubo used Buddhist scriptures to control her for seven years and promised to have two children with her in the year of the dog (that is, this year), but now she is abandoned mercilessly.

2. Wu Xiubo has been harassed twice by other actresses during their stay together. One was in 2013, during her filming of auspicious Tianbao, which led to a complete mental breakdown.

Another time was in July last year, when Zhang Zhixi called to meet her. She had known before that this girl was Xu Jiaxuan's artist who took pictures of the military division alliance with Wu Xiubo.

Wu Xiubo also said that Zhang Zhixi was only used by the company to earn money, but during the whole six years, Wu Xiubo did not allow Xu Jiaxuan to have any private contact with her.

3. During the 333 days when she accompanied Wu Xiubo in the production of the military division alliance, Wu Xiubo took advantage of her absence to mess with the actresses in the same group.

4. The harassment of the fourth and fifth children has led to her depression, which is very painful now.

Chen Yulin, an actress, is the person who wrote this crime circle. Wu Xiubo is the first star in Baidu Encyclopedia.

To sum up, Chen Yulin, the hostess, became Wu Xiubo's junior. In seven years, she not only gave up her career completely, but also endured Wu Xiubo's further cheating outside, and the fourth and fifth generation would harass her.

But at present, Wu Xiubo has not yet responded to all this, and all melons are still in a state of uncertainty.

As a well-known God in the circle, Wu Xiubo's reputation has been good for many years, and her image has been praised by netizens for her elegance and intelligence,

However, over the years, Wu Xiubo has been involved in many scandals, including Haiqing and Tang Wei.

Recently, I also worked as a tutor in "I am an actor", standing in the air of public opinion, and this time I may have passed quietly.

But this sudden large-scale negative news, not only betrayed his wife's infidelity, but also there was more than one junior out there. If he sat down, it would be a real blow. It was really the collapse of human facilities, and I don't know how many things will cause.

Who is Wu Xiubo's wife?

It is understood that Wu's wife is he Zhenya. Previously, there were media reports that a Chinese homeowner was opposed by his neighbors when he wanted to rebuild an American mansion, and he pushed the matter to the City Council. Media further pointed out that the "reconstruction case" accidentally involved that the mansion was purchased by famous actor Wu Xiubo and his agent he Zhenya in the name of husband and wife. It was concluded that Wu Xiubo had an 'unusual' relationship with his agent, and Wu was suspected of 'bigamy'.

There is a rumor in the media that Wu Xiubo's staff first made it clear that he Zhenya was the name of Wu Xiubo's original wife, not his agent. Then the contents of the "reconstruction case" reported by the Taiwan media were denied, saying that the incident was nothing. As a matter of fact, some media have taken photos of Wu Xiubo and his wife he Zhenya travelling together.

Before he Zhenya, there was a rumor on the Internet that Wu Xiubo's wife was Shangjie. A reporter searched the Internet for 'Wu Xiubo and Shangjie'. They were all positive reports about how they loved each other. They said that Wu Xiubo married at the age of 34. Up to now, they have been loving each other for 16 years. Shangjie has given birth to two children for Wu Xiubo, and there is no news of marriage or emotional discord between them.

However, it has been confirmed that the name "Shangjie" of Wu Xiubo's wife is actually the role of Wu Xiubo in the TV play "acacia tree". Wu Xiubo plays the leading actor "Kang Kai" and Chen Shu plays Kang Kai's wife "Shangjie".