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How about devaluing the RMB to buy a house? Is the house worth more than money in the future

Today's devaluation of RMB is largely affected by the over issuance of currency. From the data in August 2018, M2 in China has reached 178.87 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.2% year-on-year. In the case of continuous issuance of currency, the decline of purchasing power of RMB is an inevitable result. How about devaluing the RMB to buy a house? Can a house keep its value better than money in the future?

At this time, people can't help but think about how to keep their wealth when the money is becoming less and less valuable, and how not to depreciate along with it. Buying real estate should be the choice most people can think of.

In fact, houses have been a good investment choice since the past few years. People who bought one or several houses in the early years may have doubled their assets now. However, the housing price is now at a high level recognized by almost everyone. The whole market bubble is serious, and now the economy is down. People who can afford to buy a house can be said to be less and less. The space for future growth is very limited. It is difficult to achieve the investment effect through the real estate in the past few years. Now the phenomenon of house price falling.

However, for high-quality real estate resources, there is no need to worry about devaluation for the time being. For example, real estate in central areas such as Beijing and Shanghai, no matter when, such real estate is a scarce resource, because it not only plays the role of living, but also has the reasons of maintaining the price of first-class education, first-class medical care and first-class public security.

In general, regardless of the specific high-quality housing resources, the stability of house prices is a major trend in the future. It is difficult to maintain and increase the value of real estate. Other financial management methods will become a better choice.