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How to delete overdue credit card records? Four moves to make it easy for you

Credit card consumption is becoming more and more popular. It's common to use credit cards. However, many friends sometimes forget to repay for a while due to their little negligence, which can easily have a bad impact. How to delete overdue records of credit cards?

Overdue credit card will discredit your personal credit record, affect future car loans and house loans, and make you unable to walk on the road of loans. How to eliminate overdue credit card records? The following four tips teach you how to eliminate overdue credit card records and recover your personal credit losses.

How to eliminate the overdue record of credit card

1. Continue to use this card

If you want to eliminate the overdue record of credit card, you'd better continue to use this card and cover the original negative record with the new normal repayment record. Generally, 24 months later, a new personal credit record will be generated so that the personal credit loan will not be affected after the record is refreshed.

2. Don't run

If the credit card is overdue for a long time, it will be profitable and there will be a high overdue fine. If the bank runs away, it will determine that it has overdrawn maliciously and will call the police.

3. Note to be submitted in case of insolvency

When the credit card holder is unable to repay the credit card due to uncontrollable reasons, he / she shall state his / her economic situation to the bank, state that he / she is not a malicious debtor, and apply for delayed repayment and interest preference.

4. Full repayment is recommended after overdue credit card

If you forget to repay in a careless way at ordinary times, you must repay as soon as possible after you find that you are overdue. It's better to repay in full. If the previous personal credit record has always been good, and the overdue time is short, and it is found that the repayment is good after the overdue, it may not be recorded as a bad record.

Credit card repayment information will be recorded by the central bank's credit system for 24 months, that is to say, the bad credit record generated by overdue repayment of credit card will be kept in the credit system for two years. If the card is terminated, the corresponding record will not scroll, but will be saved for a long time.

Therefore, it is better not to cancel the credit card immediately after the overdue repayment of the credit card, but to stick to using the card for more than two years and keep the credit good during the period, so that the bad records can be removed from the credit system by rolling records.

It seems that the remedy for overdue credit card records is simple and not easy to operate. I hope you card friends to pay more attention, the best reasonable consumption, and timely repayment,. The severity of overdue credit card records can be large or small. Especially if you want to use credit card to apply for a loan, you should pay more attention. To learn more about loans, please visit the personal loan website to make loans more efficient and convenient.