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What's wrong with winter facial mask? Facial mask will sting how to solve it.

In winter, it is necessary to adhere to the mask when it is cold again. But occasionally, the facial mask will have a tingling sensation. Should we all have this kind of situation? What should we do when the winter mask is tingling?

If you want to know how to solve the problem of facial mask, you should first know why. When you apply a mask, if you feel a prickle on your face, if it is only a short and mild stabbing pain, it may be caused by a severe lack of water. If the weather is dry in winter, if the skin is not carefully treated, the skin will become dry and dry. Generally speaking, the tingling is short-lived and disappears in 3-5 minutes.

But if the tingling is long and accompanied by hot pain, it may be skin allergy. It may be that the skin is fragile during the season and can not withstand the acute replenishment of the mask. It may also be that the mask contains allergen, which requires special attention.

If it is caused by dry skin, it will be relieved during the period of applying the mask. But if it is a stabbing pain caused by allergy, it should first stop applying the mask, wash it with water, and ice pack to calm the skin. But no matter what causes the pain, you must pay attention to the daily skin care work, so as to truly reduce the phenomenon of skin pain.

In daily life, after bathing and cleansing, you should pay attention to replenishing water in time, and there should be no less steps, so as to lock the skin moisture and keep the skin moist, tender and smooth. At the same time, the skin condition is good, and it will not be easily allergic. The possibility of applying facial mask to prickle will also decrease.

In addition to the use of skin care products, diet and sleep are also very important. Beauty depends on sleep. She usually drink more water and eat more vitamin rich food. When she is healthy, her metabolism will be normal and her skin will be healthy.

Finally, if it is a serious mask allergy, it is better to check the allergen in the hospital. When you buy products, you should also do allergy tests to prevent and protect skin health.