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What should I do if I can't sleep

It's been a long time, counting the sheep is still awake, but I'm not sleepy at all! And this situation is not two days a day. I feel like I'm going to collapse after a long insomnia. How many insomnia patients can't sleep at night? What should we do about insomnia?

How can insomnia patients go to work and live well when they don't sleep well in the first night, toss and turn, and wake up in the next morning when they are dizzy and listless? So insomnia must be solved immediately.

The right medicine, insomnia patients are mostly mental pressure, the heart has trouble can not solve. So in this quiet time of night, a person will be confused, impatient mood immediately rush to the heart, so can't sleep well. In fact, as long as you relax and empty your mind, you can fall asleep by telling yourself in silence that everything will pass. People should learn to be optimistic about everything. Before you go to sleep, you can put aside your worries and think about the beautiful past and the expectation for the future, so that you can also reach that place and have a beautiful dream.

In addition, you can solve it by some other ways. Why do you think before you go to bed? It's not because it's too busy. So we should enrich ourselves, read books or do exercises. The body feels tired and falls asleep on the bed naturally. You can also drink a glass of milk before going to bed to help calm your nerves.

Don't keep insomnia in mind. If you don't take it seriously, it won't torture you. If it's very serious, consult a doctor. Don't take sleeping pills.