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What to prepare for the new year? What kind of new year's goods should be bought in the new year

Now it's less than a month since the new year's Eve. The supermarket has started to put on shelves all kinds of new year's products, and the shopping malls have also made the slogan of the new year's Eve. What are you going to prepare for the new year? What are you going to prepare for the new year?

What to prepare for the new year

Buy antithetical couplet

Every Spring Festival, no matter in the city or in the countryside, every family should select the red couplets and paste them on the door to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, so as to increase the festive atmosphere. The traditional Spring Festival couplets are written with a brush, but there are also printed Spring Festival couplets. There are many kinds of Spring Festival couplets, such as street door to door and house door to door.

Buy candy

No candy, no new year. It's a science to pick candy. Children like creamy sweets with delicate taste, old people like crisp sweets full of fragrance, and children under 2 years old are not suitable to eat soft sweets, which should be considered when buying new year's products. There are five dimensions to choose candy, including appearance, state, smell, taste and package.

Fireworks and firecrackers

Fireworks and firecrackers are even more indispensable in the Spring Festival. In ancient times, people would set off firecrackers during the Spring Festival. As for setting off firecrackers, they are the most common customs in China, and they drive away the legendary "new year" monster. As for setting off firecrackers, they have always been a good vision for the future of Chinese workers, with hope in the year It can be red and fiery.

Buy fresh vegetables and meat

How can we have less meat in the new year's festival? So we must prepare fresh meat and have fun together. But it's greasy to eat too much meat, so it's better to prepare some fresh vegetables.

Clean the house

New year's coming, every family began to clean the house, so we must clean the house to welcome the new year.

Washing clothes

In recent days, the family began to wash all kinds of clothes, because the new year should be clean enough to welcome the new year with a good mental state.

Ready for money

Money needs to be prepared for the new year. Some parents are ready for the new year's money. Some relatives visit their homes, while the parents will give some money to their relatives' children, and their children will receive their relatives' money. If the parents are not ready for the distribution of money, then they will It will make you a little embarrassed.

Buy new clothes

My parents have been busy for a year, and they also buy some new year's products for the new year. As our children, we can't forget our parents at home, so we can buy a new set of clothes for them. Everyone is having a heated new year together.