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How much is the total amount of red envelopes for the 2019 pig Spring Festival Gala

Yesterday afternoon, Baidu and CCTV held a joint press conference, officially announcing that Baidu and 2019 "Spring Festival Gala" reached an exclusive interactive cooperation. The theme of this red envelope activity is "good luck Chinese year", which starts on January 28 and lasts until new year's Eve on February 4.

According to Baidu, the total amount of red envelopes for this spring festival gala will reach a new record, and the artificial intelligence experience will be integrated into the red envelope interaction for the first time. On the day of the Spring Festival Gala, the red envelope interaction will be distributed in four rounds. The audience can participate in the interaction through the latest version of Baidu app. As long as the baidu app is opened, according to the interaction password of the host of the Spring Festival Gala, they can get the red envelope.

In addition, in addition to Baidu app, the 'main position' of this year's red envelope activity also has many apps, such as good-looking video, national small video, Baidu Post Bar, baidu Express Edition, baidu online disk, Baidu know, baby know, etc. According to some data, the number of daily active users of Baidu app has exceeded 160 million, and the recommended amount of daily average information flow has reached 15 billion times.