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Is piggy a boy or a girl? Pink pig is popular all over the world

Should everyone be painted by piggy page? It has become one of the most popular facial expression packages. Recently, the movie little video "what is page" detonated the tears of countless netizens, but many netizens asked whether piggy was a man or a woman?

Yes, piggy page has another brother, George, but is page a boar or a sow?

Piggy page's episode is only 5 minutes. It's almost a short video, but it makes billions of money.

Piggy page now has five seasons, the first, second quarter is 52 episodes, the 345 quarter is 26 episodes, the producer money has expanded … …

Piggy earned more than $1 billion in one year, and the license fee increased by more than ten thousand a month.

These four sets of data roughly reveal the following information:

Douban score 9.2: good user experience and high praise rate;

Annual broadcast volume 10 billion times (domestic): it means that the user scale is large and the outbreak period is short;

Revenue of 7 billion (global) in 2016: it means that the cash flow model is mature and the gold absorption capacity is good;

Estimated revenue in 2020 is 12 billion (global): it indicates that the IP has strong sustainable vitality and good prospects.

It's probably not a concept. If you have children with friends from kindergarten or primary school, you can ask them what the influence of piggy page is.

In 2017, piggy built a theme park under the line, launched derivatives with domestic manufacturers, and carried out targeted publicity through different platforms, which attracted more and more young people. In 2016 alone, piggy page brought us $1 billion 100 million in retail sales worldwide.

What is so hot about piggy page?

The picture is very simple, colorful, lovely looking, simple plot, lively and interesting tone;

High quality film and television teaching materials with strong popularization and preschool education;

In line with the current Chinese family's two child policy, promote a harmonious family and values;

What do you not know about piggy page?

Is piggy a boy or a girl?

Page is a girl. Page has a brother named George.

It was released by the UK in 2004, and has been broadcast in 180 regions around the world, winning the love of children all over the world.

What makes piggy so hot?

For what reason, piggy page became a hot spot these days, and suddenly it became a fire. Tiktok is not the usual fire. Micro-blog, jockey and friends circle are its social watches. Every brand has been putting the powder P in logo, as if it is showing off its identity.

It's hard for you to understand that we've seen many pigs, but we've never seen such pigs: ordinary pig's hooves are two, but they're three; ordinary pig's ears are fan-shaped, they're rabbit's ears; ordinary pig's nose grows on the face, but they grow on the forehead & hellip; & hellip;

I also don't understand why the pig looks like a hairdryer.

See, no, let everyone's crazy slogan of honey appear: 'piggy page, tattoo, applause to the social people'!