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What time does piggy page show in the new year? What is page's hot network friend circle

Less than 20 days from the lunar year of the pig, parents have begun to prepare spring festival gifts for their children. Recently, a small video exploded in the circle of friends. What's page detonating the Internet? A short video has attracted numerous people's attention. A small page reflects grandpa's selfless love for children. When will the movie be released?

today, the movie "piggy page has passed the new year" released a "what is page" customized video, with a rural old man Li Yubao as grandson to prepare "page grand gift" story, tells a laugh bursting point, from the "soil flavor to" the hard core manufacturing of God reversal light comedy. Page, as the biggest emotional symbol in the whole film, not only fulfills children's wishes, but also becomes the link of family affection. The year of the pig is the best companion for the family to watch page movies with their children, and also the best gift for the baby.

What's page's surprise of the year? It's love!

New year's day, Li Yubao, a grandfather living in the mountains, wants to give his grandson a new year's gift, but he doesn't know what his favorite page is, so he starts a journey of searching for page. During this period, Zhang page, Xi Jie Jing Peiqi, Peiqi and other gods return to play, which makes people laugh. When the family get together on New Year's Eve, Grandpa begins to show his love gift, and "hard core page" is stunned by the high energy reversal of everyone. The unique love spans the distance of the next generation and successfully wins the favor of grandson.

As soon as the video came out, the left behind grandpa's cognitive gap about "what is page" reflected the miniature of countless parents. Many parents wanted to give their best love to their children, but because of the lack of company and understanding, they wasted countless energy and time. Piggy page automatically became a good friend of his children. When you watch page with your baby, your parents will also know about your baby's world. You can feel the importance of growing up with your baby from the experience of your father and mother. As a result, page, as described in the short film, has become an emotional link between children and their parents. This time, in the Spring Festival, such a special schedule landed on the mainland screen, it is to gather the atmosphere of family and reunion to the thickest, 80 minutes of viewing time, so that every child can be in the company and warmth of his family.

Family watch page's strong taste of the new year

Together is the year. It is not only "what is page" that leads grandpa Li Yubao in the short film, but also the eager expectation for the reunion of the Spring Festival. Page has become the best annotation of this "family watch". At the end of the day, the whole family watched "piggy page in the new year" at the cinema. In the grand festival of Spring Festival, page became the first choice for many family members. When the family cheered with page, it also added a strong flavor of the new year.

And this year's taste is everywhere in the movie. In the animation part, page and his friends not only experienced the traditional customs of sweeping the dust, wearing new clothes, setting off fireworks and dragon dancing, but also made new friends with panda twins. The Chinese style made the children feel fresh and interesting. They learned a lot of popular knowledge. Their parents and elders also remembered the memories of the Spring Festival when they were children and had a long lost Spring Festival. And the real part is the integration of the north and South Chinese New Year customs, eating Tangyuan or eating dumplings and other different topics are easy to resonate; three generations of happy pictures will also let children know more about the warmth of family. Therefore, it has become one of the unique New Year customs of 2019 Spring Festival to watch page movies with children.

The film "piggy page has passed the new year" is produced by Alibaba pictures group, Entertainment One (eOne), and Shanghai Panzi ticket and film culture Co., Ltd. Children don't receive gifts during the Spring Festival. Look at page at the beginning of the New Year!

Piggy page is a new animated movie produced by Alibaba pictures and Entertainment One, which was released in mainland China in February 5, 2019. China's traditional festivals are combined with cartoon characters, "piggy page" and the story of glutinous rice balls, dumplings and grandparents on the eve of new year's Eve. Tangyuan, jiaozi and parents live in a warm family. On New Year's Eve, grandparents met with them. We have experienced traditional customs and many unexpected things. Like page George, they love each other, their families and their lives more.