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January 21, 2019 Spring Festival starts! It is estimated that 2.99 billion passengers will be sent a

On January 18, the new office held a press conference on the situation and work arrangement of the 2019 Spring Festival games. January 21, 2019 Spring Festival starts! It is estimated that 2.99 billion passengers will be sent across the country.

Lian Weiliang, deputy director of the development and Reform Commission, introduced at the press conference that this spring festival will start on January 21 and end on March 1, totaling 40 days. It is estimated that 2.99 billion passengers will be sent across the country, an increase of 0.6% over the previous Spring Festival. On the whole, the total contradiction between supply and demand of passenger transport in this spring festival will be further alleviated. The passenger flow will show the characteristics of "tight before and loose after". The mass travel mode is increasingly diversified. During the peak period, part of the railway lines are relatively tense. The traffic pressure in some sections of the expressway is relatively high. The demand for freight transport in some areas is strong. The people have higher expectations for the travel quality. The work of Spring Festival transport is still facing great challenges Pressure.

Lian Weiliang introduced that the Spring Festival transport in 2019 will focus on "three improvements and three governance":

'three promotions'. First, improve transportation capacity guarantee. Before and after the railway Festival, 4787 pairs of passenger trains and 4860 pairs of passenger trains are arranged to run every day. The passenger capacity is 5.4% and 5.2% higher than that of last year's spring transportation. Among them, the number of high-speed rail multiple units is 3352 and 3383 respectively, an increase of 17.8% and 17.2%. Civil aviation is expected to arrange 532000 shifts, an increase of about 10% over the previous Spring Festival. More than 810000 operating buses and 21 million passenger seats have been put into the road; more than 20000 passenger ships and about 1 million passenger seats have been put into the water transportation. Second, improve ticket purchase service. This year, the railway launched a pilot program of alternate ticket purchase on some hot lines to avoid time-consuming repeated inquiries by passengers, and is trying to improve the order of online ticket purchase and sale. At present, the railway has passed the peak period of ticket pre-sale. Third, improve voluntary service. This year, there will be 230000 young volunteers in the Spring Festival nationwide, and 23000 posts will be provided with volunteer services.

'three governance'. The first is to deal with potential safety hazards. Take troubleshooting as the "bull's nose" to improve the safety level of the Spring Festival transportation, compact the safety responsibility layer by layer, carefully check and treat major hidden dangers, and strictly prevent major and major safety accidents. The second is to control road congestion. Establish the working mechanism of unblocking, carry out the management of easily congested road sections in advance, strengthen the dynamic monitoring of road network operation, increase the promotion and application of etc, and effectively guarantee the smooth road. The third is to deal with illegal and serious dishonesty. We will continue to strengthen the construction of credit records, strengthen joint punishment and integrity publicity for breaking the law and breaking faith, severely punish illegal and uncivilized behaviors such as "car trouble", "machine trouble" and "high-speed rail bullying" in accordance with the law, and create a good atmosphere for honest Spring Festival Transportation and civilized travel.