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Is the cold the coldest time? Will it be warm after a cold day

Xiaohan has passed and is about to usher in the big cold. It is said that Xiaohan is the coldest time of the whole year. Will it continue to be cold after the big cold? Let's take a look at the following with this question.

Is it still cold after the cold: still cold

The temperature will drop after the cold.

The great cold is the 24th solar term in the 24 solar terms, and also the last solar term in winter. At this time, the temperature has reached the lowest period of the whole year. In the north, it is often the scene of "thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow", while in the south, it has also entered the lowest temperature period of the whole year.

The coldest in the big cold or the coldest in the small cold

The weather is colder in the mild cold solar term. The solar terms of small cold and big cold indicate the degree of cold weather. Although the solar terms of small cold are a little less literal in understanding the degree of cold, in fact, small cold is the coldest time.

What solar terms are not cold

The weather will start to warm after the solar term of hibernation.

The third solar term of spring is the term of hibernation. After the beginning of spring, just after the rain, the climate in southern China is already the spring climate of "grass growing and warbler flying". After another 15 days, enter the solar term of spring equinox, equinox spring, the weather will gradually become warm and warm, and then gradually transition to summer climate.