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The latest news of free spring transportation in 2019: these two kinds of cars still need to be char

The latest news of 2019 Spring Festival express free time is coming, as previously released, from 0:00 on New Year's Eve on February 4 to 6:24 on the 10th. However, not all vehicles on the high-speed are free. During the Spring Festival, there are two kinds of vehicles that need to pay a toll, whether you are under 7 seats or not. Let's see what kind of cars they are.

Spring Festival high speed

At present, the official has released the latest free time of the 2019 Spring Festival expressway, that is, from 0:00 on February 4 to 24:00 on February 10, which is simply 0:00 on New Year's Eve until 24:00 on the sixth day of the lunar new year. The highways are free for seven days.

According to the provisions of the implementation plan for exemption of minibus tolls on major holidays, there are only four holidays in a year, i.e. Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, may day and national day, and the minibus with less than seven seats (including seven seats) can take the expressway free of charge. But even so, there are still two types of vehicles that need to pay tolls, namely:

1. Eight seat model. For example, Baojun 730 eight seat version, Dongfeng Xiaokang eight seat plate and so on are not free. Although seven seats are only one less than eight seats, they are not free during some holidays.

2. Pickup. No matter how many pickups you have, you can't get on the expressway for free. For example, the familiar Ford F150, the Great Wall Fengjun 6, and the Jiangling Yuhu 7 are all four doors and five seats. The reason why the pickup can't be free is that it belongs to the dual-use of passenger and freight, and is registered as a pickup of light general truck. Therefore, no matter what holiday it is, pickup trucks are not free.

Accurate algorithm of freeway free time:

high speed

1. Freeway free time starts from zero on the start day and ends at 24 on the end day. Zero is the beginning and 24 is the end. Do not confuse.

2. Freeway free time starts from the freeway exit, that is to say, if the time you enter the freeway entrance hasn't reached the free time, but the time you leave the freeway exit has reached the free time, it is also free.

However, it is against the traffic law to stop at 100m away from the expressway and wait for the free time. It will be dealt with seriously, so don't take chances.

In addition, we need to remind that free means that the time when the car leaves the highway is in the free time period. Generally speaking, when entering the expressway in free time, but leaving the expressway is not free time, you can't pass free of charge; when leaving the expressway in free time, you can get free of charge, that is, you can only check whether the high-speed time meets the evaluation criteria.

In addition, during the period of free passage, the traffic police department suggests that etc channel should be used for all the entrances and exits. If the expressway is from etc lane, you can choose to take etc lane or artificial lane when you get off the expressway, which will not affect the use of etc. However, if the expressway is from the artificial lane, the artificial lane must also be used when the expressway is going down, and the etc Lane cannot be used.