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Which express does not rest during the Spring Festival? These express companies are going to raise t

In fact, for the chop hand clan, the biggest fear is that the express service is out of service, because once the express service is out of service, many things can't be purchased, which also causes great trouble. A few days ago, the express delivery outage time spread wildly on the Internet. In fact, it has been refuted. That's fake news. What about the express delivery during the Spring Festival? Some express delivery will increase the price. Let's have a look.

How long does the express service still have to stop? Many netizens were relieved when the news was released, because the express service will not be stopped so soon. However, it seems that the major express companies haven't announced the outage time for the time being, but the news pointed out that the price of the express during the Spring Festival might rise!

As early as December 28, 2018, the State Post Office issued a notice on doing a good job during the new year's day and the Spring Festival, requiring all provincial (District, city) post administrations to coordinate the work during the festival to ensure the normal operation of all work during the festival and the safe and stable operation of the industry. During the Spring Festival, we will try our best to ensure that we do not stop online, reject or overstock, and try our best to meet the needs of the people for mailing.

Both Zhongtong and Yuantong said they would implement the concept of "all year round" to guarantee the service of "no closing" during the Spring Festival, but the specific arrangements have not yet been made. Yunda express related person in charge told reporters that at present, Yunda express business is in normal operation, and the specific adjustment will be announced later. So during the Spring Festival want to buy chop hand party can rest assured that express outage is false news!

In fact, the rumors mainly come from wechat business. Some netizens think that wechat business has released these fake messages in order to sell goods in advance and go home for the new year. There are fewer couriers and the cost of maintaining the business is high, which is finally reflected in the express price consumers feel.

Shentong's Spring Festival operation announcement shows that Shentong's Spring Festival operation mode is from 0:00 to 10 February 2019. 'there will also be some adjustments to express delivery fees in some regions'. According to previous years, the price increase is between 10-20 yuan. And each franchised Express's markup is roughly the same.