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Is it true to have an only child certificate to get 2400? These three conditions must be met

We all know that since the implementation of the family planning policy in China, many couples have voluntarily given birth to only one child for life, but these people will receive the only child certificate issued by the state. It is said that there is only one child certificate that can get 2400. Is it true?

According to the state regulations, as long as families with only child certificates receive corresponding subsidies, this is the best welfare for only child families. Recently, however, it has been reported that the news that an only child certificate has been issued for 2400 has attracted everyone's attention. Congratulations to those who have an only child certificate, because your subsidy standard has been improved, but the reward conditions must meet three conditions at the same time to get money!

A few days before the increase of the one-child subsidy standard, the overseas edition of the people's daily (the 2nd edition on December 26, 2018) issued a document indicating the increase of the one-child subsidy standard: in August 2018, the State Council issued the notice of the general office of the State Council on printing and distributing the reform plan for the division of central and local financial powers and expenditure responsibilities in the field of medical and health.

In terms of family planning, it mainly includes three family planning support projects: rural part of the family planning family reward and support, special support for family planning family, and family planning "generate less and get rich quickly" subsidy. It is clear that the central government and local governments are jointly responsible for the expenditure. In addition to the above three projects, the original family planning projects are included in the overall arrangement of basic public health services.

The central government has formulated the basic national standards for family planning support and subsidies, and has gradually raised them according to the economic and social development. The central finance arranges subsidy funds in accordance with the above-mentioned central sharing method of basic public health service expenditure responsibilities. Moreover, it should be noted that the new family planning subsidy has been officially implemented since January 1, 2019. Some regional policies have been implemented, with an annual subsidy of 2400 yuan per person with only child certificate!

Although there is no specific subsidy standard published in the document released by the State Council, some regions have published the amount of subsidy. The reporter learned that in 2019, the application time for parents of only child in Jiangxi was from January to March 31, and the annual review time was from September to early October. The only child parents of urban residents are awarded to individuals, which must meet the following three conditions at the same time:

1、 Persons who are urban residents of the province and have not enjoyed the same kind of rewards in other provinces (cities, districts).

Urban residents in this province refer to any of the following: 1. Employees of state organs, institutions, wholly state-owned enterprises and state-owned holding enterprises in this province; 2. Other urban residents with household registration in this province; 3. Employees whose household registration has been moved out of this province but who still receive pension (pension) in this province.

2、 Those who have not given birth in violation of family planning laws and policies and are only child parents.

3、 Born after January 1, 1933, he is 60 years old for male and 55 years old for female. Couples who have one child after January 1, 2016 are not included in the award. State owned joint stock enterprises, state-owned equity withdrawal enterprises, closure of bankrupt enterprises, separation from enterprises due to restructuring of state-owned enterprises