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WiFi is very slow. What's the matter? How to improve WiFi speed

I don't know if you've ever met a situation where WiFi is full on your mobile phone, but the network speed is very slow. If it takes half a day to open a web page and search for a picture, how can we solve this problem? Today's editor will teach you a way. Improve your WiFi speed.

This method is simple and easy to learn. You only need to input four numbers to improve the network speed. Let's take Apple Mobile as an example, open the wireless network in the settings, and then click the network you are connected to now, and you will see the line "configure DNS" at the bottom of the page. Click 'manual', 'add server', then enter '144.114.114' in this server, and then save it. Isn't it very simple. After setting, you can click any page to see that the network speed has really improved, which is really a convenient, fast and effective little skill.

There are also some ways that you have said to use cans, which have not been tested and verified, and are not very simple. We all know that in the wireless network, the distance from the router will affect the network speed, WiFi is transmitted through radio waves, and radio waves do have the problem of attenuation. When encountering obstacles such as walls, they will reflect, refract or diffract. These really limit the speed of WiFi. Also, the number of connected mobile phones will have an impact on the network speed. We can get closer or set the connection limit for our home network, which can improve the speed from the root.

This method is really good for you to rub other people's WiFi or wait for some public occasions in the hotel and restaurant. Do you have any good tips? Let's share them with us!