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How to make small kumquat Pu'er tea? A complete set of brewing methods for Pu'er tea of xiaojinju

As a small classification of Pu'er tea, little kumquat Pu'er tea has been warmly praised by consumers in recent years driven by the hot sales of Pu'er tea. Many consumers still don't know how to make little kumquat Pu'er tea? Learn about the brewing methods of little kumquat Pu'er tea.

The whole appearance of kupu tea is round and complete. Except for the cover of the peel, there are no cracks, holes, uniform color, mildew and moisture in other places. The tea fruit is dry, slightly hard and crisp. Due to the different color of orange peel collected at different time, it can be divided into orange green peel (green peel), micro red peel (yellow peel) and big red peel (red peel). When the fingernails are scraped, there is oily light. There are no other impurities and additives in the inner bottom tea of dried fruit. The color of the tea soup is bright brown and dark chestnut. There is an oil bead shaped film on the soup, and the tea bottom is bubble resistant. The smell is full-bodied with fruit fragrance, quiet fragrance and refreshing. The entrance of tea soup is mellow and smooth, with sweet aftertaste and mellow taste. Citrus tea is the first choice for moistening the lung, strengthening the stomach, reducing fat, relieving alcohol, detoxifying tobacco, beautifying and reducing weight. Tea is mild and sweet. It is suitable for all ages. It is especially suitable for middle-aged and old people to drink and keep healthy. It is the best tea for filial piety.

1. Prepare tea set, teapot, justice cup, tea cup, teaspoon, etc.

2. Take a piece of orange tea, according to different utensils, break the right amount of orange peel, put the orange peel and tea into the lotus.

3. Before making tea, pour boiling water into the teapot. After about 10 seconds, discard the water. This method helps to raise the temperature of the pot to ensure the water temperature during brewing, and also plays the role of washing. After warming the pot, warm the fair cup and tea cup.

4. According to the degree of taste, how many people to throw tea. It is suggested to make tea in a purple clay pot, and the best amount of tea is 3-5g if there are few people.

5. Put the boiling water into the pot, not over the tea, and then quickly pour it out. On the one hand, soak the tea, and at the same time, it will not cause the loss of too much substance in the tea.

6. Inject boiling water again, cover the lid, and leave the first four bubbles for about 10s. When it comes to the fifth bubble, the soaking time can be slightly longer than the first few bubbles, about 20-30s, and so on. Pu'er tea with orange peel has high foam resistance, reaching more than ten bubbles.

7. Pour the tea soup into the justice cup, and then pour the tea soup into the tea cup in order.

To make tea, pour out some Pu'er tea, adjust according to your taste, and then break three or four pieces of orange peel. Put the tangerine peel into the teapot or cup together. Wash the tea quickly with boiling water for the first time. The tea washing time should not be too long. 2-3 seconds is good. The orange tea with good quality can be brewed more than four or five times. When drinking the orange tea, it is best to avoid fasting. After washing, add boiling water, cover with lid, soak for about 10 seconds, and then drink soup. When orange tea is brewed, the soup must be clean, leaving residual water. The next brew of tea soup will be bitter and astringent. A good orange tea can be brewed about ten times, and it is very durable.